Vertical/Horizontal 128 Flin?

anyone happen to have an old copy of flin for the 128? there used to be a version somewhere which had a toggle for vertical vs. horizontal orientation even. as i just got a 128 recently, i never saved that version myself. tried to search the old forum for it but couldn’t locate anything. if someone has an old copy somewhere, i’d really love to have it if possible! thanks!

Might it be in the older revisions of that page?

to get flin running vertically on 128, u need to set your rotation to 90.

i just remembered… there’s no longer a rotation setting in the new max 7 serialosc.maxpat. (i’m still using an older version) maybe there’s a utility on the wiki for setting rotation, not sure.

thanks to both of you for replying! @spacelordmother that was a great idea, i had checked there before- unfortunately i think it was a modified version by someone on the forums that only got shared on a discussion thread. i haven’t been able to find anything about it by searching the discussions though (the search is pretty weak).

@elquinto - that would certainly work, but this was specially edited so that depending on orientation you could access the full range of button presses (including longer notes and stopping a column) on the grid and there was a little toggle box to click in the app to switch between vertical and horizontal. kicking myself for not saving it back then. i have a pretty good collection of apps over the years but never archived apps for the 128….

i’ll look around for an old copy-- and figure out what might’ve changed.

re: orientation globally, it’ll be built into a util app for the new serialosc, which is dragging. apologies!