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Very Short Notice

Quick. Write down the first emotion that comes to mind. Right now.

Write down the name of the first color you think of.

Write down a description of what you can smell right now.

Pick up your most immediate musical instrument. Hit record. Play music for 30-60 seconds while thinking about the things you just wrote.

Stop recording. Save your wav file. Put it up on Google Drive. Send me, @jasonw22, a private message with a link to your track. Do this by June 21. Do it more than once if you want to. Ask your friends to do it. Make your enemies do it.

Myself, @jlmitch5 and the LCRP crew will make an album out of it all and post it to lcrp.bandcamp.com.

This project was hurriedly conceived by @jlmitch5 and I, and immediately posted, with little forethought or discussion.

Short songs


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