4 track performance-oriented sample sequencer for norns


Grid (optional, but recommended)
Ack engine


A four track sample sequencer, with each track featuring 4 slots containing decimal values between 0 and 255. A decimal is converted to its binary representation to form part of the track’s sequence. 1 sends a trigger and 0 denotes a break.

Tracks can be muted, with per-track level probability and divisions. Sequences can be rotated along its binary string. Vials has grid control to extend the performability, where you can loop on decimals, update sequence values in either binary or decimals, alongside some other controls such as manual triggers, mutes, loops, on the fly sequence loading/saving and fx sends/randomisation/kill switches. The aim has been to expose as much control as possible to the norns and grid interface to allow for a highly performative sequencer.


v1.0 - last updated 8 June 2019



Looking forward trying this! Does halfsecond have to be installed separately? If so, how and where does it get installed? Thanks!

It is installed if you have Awake already - if not go grab it here :

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