Video synth [small colorizer]


this patch uses just the visual cortex,1 prismatic ray, 1 curtain, 1 external VHS camera

Visual Cortex

1. Outputs

  • luma goes to the A channel red input
  • red channel goes to curtains filter input
  • green channel goes to the sync input of the prismatic ray
  • blue channel gets split (via stackable cable) between colorizer and composite inputs
  • VCs H-V out into curtain depth input

2. Switches

  • ramp gen switch 1 in UP position
  • ramp gen switch 2 in MIDDLE position
  • spectrum and solarize are both in UP position
  • multiply/sum switch is in MIDDLE position
  • Key +/- switch set in MIDDLE position

3. Controls

  • Fader in between channels A and B

Prismatic Ray

1. Outputs

  • an output to width VC input on curtain
  • an output to A channel Blue input on Visual Cortex
  • an output to A channel Green input on Visual Cortex
  • an output to B channel Blue input on Visual Cortex

2. Switches

  • sync switch UP (GATE)
  • range switch in 4th position (vertical synced)

3. Controls

  • Frequency knob as low as you can go


1. Outputs

  • Mix output to B channel Green input on Visual cortex
  • Filter output to B channel Red input on Visual Cortex

2. Switches

  • Range switch RIGHT position
  • VC inputs switches both on DC
  • edge 4 way selector knob (topmost left knob) 1st position (1st of 4)

looking at it I think I may switch one of the filter outputs to be in channel A instead of both into B


EDIT:had to fix this a little bit it now makes more sense
the only thing that isn’t right are the actual shape outputs used on primatic ray and I’ll take a look today

it is a bit cluttered but I wanted to try out the patchbook markdown language I saw on muffwiggler

If there was a way to reposition objects after creating that would be handy as everything gets a bit wonky in this example

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