Video Synth Thread

Given the recent availability of the LZX Vidiot, would love to hear from anyone working with video synthesizers. I dropped “Analog” from the title of the thread, mostly so I could share things I’ve made with Lumen.

Rough sketch from a few weeks ago - I played Lumen as I listened to a 10 minute improvised synth piece I had recorded earlier that day. This was also the first time I combined processing with Lumen. The pulsing circle is a simple processing sketch shared with lumen via syphon.

Pretty basic, but it was fun to make. I got a bit distracted in the studio with another as-yet-unfinished project but have been itching to get back to making these sorts of videos.

WARNING: many flashing lights in the video, if you’re sensitive to that, don’t watch.

Would love to see anything else folks are willing to share!


Great to see some video love. I’ve been working with video synthesis for the past six years. My system is a hybrid of lzx(both old and new). Lumen. Vdmx, after effects, jitter, and occasionaly processing. I actually have the cv gorille module that connects cv to processing. Besides straight video pieces I use my system to make fabric based work.


Whoah…these are fantastic!

Amazing…it’s really a very interesting medium. Sound synthesis makes sense to me, analog video synthesis doesn’t. I get it well enough to be dangerous with Lumen, but I know I’ve just barely scratched the surface. Hope you continue to share your work!

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Any recommendations as far as practical gear to go with the vidiot? I’m jumping in, mine comes in on Thursday. Found a couple tv’s with component in. Thoughts on cameras, and ways to interface with the computer for recording? Very excited to mess with feedback.

If you do Facebook, the lzx community forum has some great threads regarding the vidiot and getting started with cameras, projectors, modules, etc.


i do some work with video synth (3TrinsRGB & maxmsp (& lately 16mm)


not really video synth but generative processing sketches modulating sounds from the modular synth.

I have been fascinated by analog video synths since a while and finally ordered Vidiot to get started!


this geometry synth module from minigorille looks interesting. does it work well?

It works well. I’m a pretty poor processing programmer, but it was easy enough to set up and modify the existing sketches and get some interesting stuff.

I’d love to hear more detail about how this is done! Really beautiful work.

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Thanks so much! The general process is generating the video. Then I whittle down the footage to a library of 50 to 100 images that becomes my palette. I chop up the stills like I would fabric, organizing and piecing it together in photoshop. Then I’ll go into a 3d program and generate figures based on the sketch for the piece. (Or edit and process a photo(s)) I’ll skin the 3d stuff with video stills. Then I’ll lay out the piece in layers digitally. Then I print out the pieces on fabric, cut. Assemble , and sew it all back together. There’s something lovely about the journey from different mediums, weaving high and low tech, and the freezing of time.


I love it! I wonder if I could print on fabric with an Epson 7890. I’ve certainly printed on canvas manufactured for the purpose with great success. Are there specific constraints you’ve discovered that allow for more successful printing on fabric?

Woah. That’s a beastly printer! Honestly I’m still trying to get the fabric part sorted out. Right now I’m doing heat transfers to fabric, which is tedious and extremely limiting in size. Any piece bigger than 8 by 10 has to be pieced together. Researching other options, but prices can get crazy.

I’ve been using Lumen and a few different iOS apps to process video, and then I compile and edit it all together to accompany performances. I’ve been lucky enough to play in venues that had their own projectors, but would like eventually to get my own.

Anyone have suggestions for video projectors? Which ones do you guys like?

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I really love what Tachyons+ is doing, very close to buying one of their machines

Tachyons+ Psychenizer.


Projectors are tricky because it depends on your use case and particular needs. If you plan on playing out you’ll need at least 3000 lumens. I grabbed a super cheap one off amazon because my use will be in my studio with controlled light and a short throw. Definitely look on Craigslist as there’s tons of great deals with low bulb use.

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ive recently shed all hardware synths so I’m working strictly ITB but Resolume has been my go to for visuals. Lately I’m using the FFGL sources in Resolume so that things are generative. Below is a quick demo of a midi mapping that controls both the visual effect and ableton audio effect. Running both applications on the same pc with rptmidi providing a midi loopback

as far as projectors go, for a hobbyist I’d recommend checking out the:


The epson projectors are quality workhorses (at least in my experience). I currently have the 760HD for use in AV performances, but I’ll probably be snagging a 1060 for home entertainment. The horizontal keystone feature is a must have for using it live.


Looks really fun!
Would love more description of how you control resolume via ableton. I have been looking at doing that and was wondering whether you control via ableton with something like push or a separate controller for each app.


Yeah video feedback can be amazing. Here’s another nice video from an artist I know: