Video Synth Thread

as you can see in the picture VVeb is selected and the main controls are all there as well as plenty of other tabs for sub menus

I changed it so that it is super easy to add MIDI or whatever kind of control you want! It also just generally looks cleaner.

video painting is my jam too I will be remaking my old video painting app I wrote a couple years back in TD. I’ll post more about it as it gets done. For now though I’m working on some smaller projects as this was a rather big project to get right.

If you have any issues/questions I’m always open to run through stuff over video chat or on here


Thanks for the help! It didn’t come to my mind they could be there. When I get come I’ll try hooking up my 16n to this.

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Every now and then I revisit forums and do deep google searches for a modern video sampler and it’s wild to me there hasn’t been any development.

Something simply to record and playback video signals. All I know is the korg kaptivor Roland p10 and recur which runs off a raspberry pi.


Check out the Yeti…

I’ve got one and it’s pretty good. It’s not a sampler mind you - just a playback device, but it’s pretty cool. I need to do a video on it at some point.

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same, and not only the samples but also video production for some reason has never transformed into the consumer market in the same way as audio has. Except the direct recording and editing, obviously. We are actually loosing the creative tools. Compare the effects section of any modern video mixer with Roland Edirol V4 era. Almost nothing is left.

Cool concept. If it could record would be a game changer.

I’d like to see pedalboards become the next ‘platform’ for HW video synths.

I think I’m going to go there…

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It is probably not exactly what you are looking for, but we have added a sort of video sampling functionality to the Hypno recently.

I agree that a dedicated standalone video sampler would be amazing.


Just read up and watched some of the videos. Very impressed and hoping to get one soon!

ideally would like a device that could record on the fly but this along with recur is the closest thing I’ve seen to what I’m looking for.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Touchdesigner is so much fun. I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different text effects and stayed up way too late last night building this patch where the letters dissolve and bloom into circuit trace-like patterns using a series of reaction diffusion networks


I’ve got a full on weirdo sampler feedback machine I made a while back in touchdesigner. It can also do a whole lot more than just sample.
It is coming from a hardware video synthesis mindset so I filled in the blanks with what makes sense for my workflow.
If you want to be sampling and creating video tracks on the fly you are going to need to incorporate a computer for now. Get a decent capture card and make sure you can reincorporate your output back into the video setup.

I’ll try to get some examples put together this weekend. With what I have posted it isn’t super clear as it is doing feedback looping with slit scanning in the middle. Which is a nice side effect to the way I’m accomplishing it in TD.

wednesdayayay on Instagram: "#touchdesigner #slitscan #slitscanning #videolooper #videolooping #ballet #videosynth #videosynthesis #digitalart #digitalpainting I love the second two where the looping and feedback meet to make something new." the last video in this series would be an example of the full effect. I started the loop right at the beginning of the clip and it folds back over itself according to the length of the clip.

hopefully one day lars over at lzx releases the video sampler that has been talked about for years as it will be fantastic.

also there is always the option to get a cheap USB recorder and any of the available USB playback options. While it won’t be as immediate as I think we all want it would still work once you get the workflow figured out.
similar to just using two VHS decks and taping on one while playing then moving the tape over to the other deck for playback. This is one of the reasons my full home studio uses two VHS decks. I’m going to grab another SSD recorder for the same kind of workflow where you record to one pop it out real quick to play it back.


I know NOTHING about “video feedback”-- this looks very cool and hypnotic

luckily video feedback isn’t very mysterious
it is a super simple thing to start with
take a camera plug it into a TV or projector then point the camera at the screen
it works better in a dark environment with a TV but projectors work in a pinch.

the angle and zoom of the camera have a huge impact on the output. Camera and tv/projector proc amp setting have a big impact as well (hue, saturation, brightness etc…). defocusing the camera is also a nice trick.

you can get so much mileage out of just point a camera at a TV.

of course you can do direct feedback with something like a video mixer too and it will give you different but similar results which also have many parameters that change the output.

please be careful video art is a slippery slope :rofl:


I’ve been working on a granular video playback patch for a little while and it’s finally producing some nice results! It turned out to be really simple to do once I figured out how to work with the proper video codecs and get the audio to be read separately. It’s working pretty much the same way that granular processing on the Digitakt is done, with a master speed control and a ramp oscillator scrubbing through the timeline.

It’s capable of doing the sort of time stretching and pitch shifting effects you’d expect from granular playback, but it’s much more interesting when pushed into weirder territory.


Cool results! The just noticeable difference at points gives me sort of Bill Viola vibes.


That’s very cool!

I did something similar some years ago using VDMX.


Mesmerizing! May I ask what programme you used to work on this?

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It’s made with Touchdesigner. I’ll put a little video together showing how it works some time once it’s a bit more finished.


This is awesome! so much to learn.