Video: Teletype driving Macbeth Elements

I would definitely consider myself a Teletype novice, but I’m starting to feel more comfortable creating ‘compositions’ or musical moments with it. I ordered this Macbeth Elements two whole years ago, and just got it! It was worth the wait. Really plays like an instrument, with just lovely tones. Anyway, check it out if you are interested, and thanks to those who have answered my questions here on this board as I’ve been wrapping my head around the Teletype! It’s such an awesome environment!


Nice! I also have an Element actually, and am driving it with an Aleph. Guess we have some stuff to discuss!

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Excellent and congrats!

That’s the one, here working on a 3d holographic performance - I’ll send a video sometime soon!


You may check the video here actually: Aleph, Macbeth Elements and live holograms