VideoLAB Thread

It looks like you don’t need an OP-Z to work with Videolab, but what other use cases does it support? Can you link up an arbitrary MIDI source to a Videolab scene running on a PC? What about in the OP-Z app, does it support other sources too?


Not sure about what is required once a scene has been ported to the ios app, But I have been successful at controlling elements in unity with the op-1using the VideoLab package, so Im sure any midi source will do. Video lab is built on Klak which has been around for a while so its not op-z specific.


yep - can confirm, any MIDI note/CC source works fine (i’ve been sending from Max/MSP).

Tried Klak awhile back, my hope is that videolab will be good incentive to make things a bit more stable/well documented!

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Progress report! Nothing crazy going on videolab here, most polish on the untiy scene. I wish I could figure out how to change the color of a material with the color out node!


I’d really like to try some bird flocking behavior, videolab doesnt have anything specific --keijiro takahashi’s boids, (from 4 years ago) is very cool looking though. I wonder if his other stuff like this (or other peoples new stuff) will start to appear for videolab/opz.

:wave: OP-Z user here that just started playing around with Unity and Videolab. As a total Unity newbie, I ran into a number of small hurdles getting set up, so I figured I’d share some minor things that had me stuck for a bit:

  • I tried various ways of importing Videolab into my project, but it turns out it’s as simple as double clicking the videolab.unitypackage file in macOS Finder while your project is open :man_facepalming: The various other import methods I tried all introduced tons of indecipherable compiler errors.
  • To deploy your scene to iOS devices, you’ll need to install iOS Build Support, since it is not included in the default Unity download. You can do this by opening Unity Hub, going to the versions manager, clicking the “…” on the version you’re using, and adding the iOS module from there.

I’m currently making most of my visuals by swapping the assets in some open source Unity programs I found by Keijiro Takahashi. Hoping to be able to send MIDI to the OP-Z based off some in-scene physics, but I’m still building up my Unity and Klak skills to be able to make that happen. Soon!

Edit: And while I’m on the topic of Videolab, if anyone with more experience has any tips on having multiple… “subscenes” within a scene (?) that’d be great! I’d like to try to achieve something similar to how Decotroa Ep 1 has both the spaceship and car scenes within one videopak but I’m unsure how to structure it.

I haven’t really looked at the VideoLab stuff in a while, but I do use Unity for work all the time. Maybe the simplest way to have multiple “subscenes” within a scene would be to create an empty game object for each “subscene” and parent everything you want rendering in it underneath that game object (including the camera). I’m certain there is a VideoLab object that can turn on and off game objects so make some patch that will turn one on and the other off to switch.