Vile Masque - Unperson You

Today I released Unperson You:

[drone, dark ambient, noise]

This album is how i’ve chosen to represent my dread about the creeping intrusion of the surveillance state into the lives of an uncaring, distracted populace.

I remember in about 2013 at a family Christmas lunch one of my eccentric uncles - often dismissed as a bit of a raving lunatic - said to me quite plainly that we are “living on a tipping-point”. This seemed true at the time but only in the last 5 years has the meaning turned into something more profound. I think the first decade of the 21st century will be looked-back on as though it were the decade we all lost the ability to adequately plan for a future that did not value our human dignity and rights. Instead we have been more or less asleep during the deployment of what Shoshana Zuboff calls Surveillance Capitalism - the commodification of personal data enabled by a vast technological apparatus masked as consumer software.
The aspect of this I find most unsettling, and what largely motivated me to make this record, was the degree to which people were totally compliant with the process in the name of making their lives more ‘convenient’ and ‘connected’. The sick joke being had at our expense is that we are about to find out what it feels like to be truly inconvenienced and disconnected from the world and our fellow citizens as a result of society’s over-reliance on, and lack of scrutiny of, predatory surveillance technology in all it’s guises.

I hope this record adequately represents its subject matter, and may you take some enjoyment in it’s sonic qualities.

Thanks for reading and listening.