Vinyl funding started! LCRP - Lines Community Remix Project

UPDATE: QRATES LCRP Vinyl Funding Project

UPDATE Now accepting samples. Vinyl funding started! LCRP - Lines Community Remix Project

Hello my Lines Fam.

As soon as the super-mega-switchup happened and Lines was birthed, @trppng suggested a new MCRP, for those of you that are new to this forum, it’s where we all submit a couple of samples, then everyone uses everyone else’s samples to create a track. stick all of the tracks together and you get an album. That album is then called an MCRP standing for the MONOME COMMUNITY REMIX PROJECT.

Anyhoo, trppng’s idea of using palindromes I really liked, but it didn’t gather momentum.

So I have a few suggestions

  • We could all go and necrobump the hell out of trippng’s original post.
  • We could find another topic.
  • Or we could get back to basics and do an open, theme-less MCRP, or now I suppose as our community widens, an LCRP?

What are people up for?

Before you respond go and get some inspiration from previous MCRPs.

Oh, and I did think if there’s enough of us we could use a system like Qrates to press up vinyl if people are up for it?


Good to go! Samples received from:
@ mobbs
@ Simeon
@ steveoath
@ trppng
@ Vagg_Rdu
@ wednesdayayay
@ wonderbook


I’m in. I say back to basics - no theme; two samples each, one melodic, one percussive.


I’d also be up for this

this would be good fun I would be down for whatever as I’m coming into some free time and haven’t gotten to play in a while.
the compilation where we got 2 cassettes was awesome I would be down to put money into something like this happening again.

I don’t have any monome stuff anymore though
I am actually considering getting teletype to use with an LZX/video system

Qrates looks interesting we would just need enough people to chip in

Would be in, too. Qrates, yes.

count me in, and vinyl would be awesome.


I’ll edit the top with a little roster of people as they sign up.

So unless some weird philanthropist turns up, I think qrates would be the only way I can see to try doing vinyl. That way if people contribute, it gets pressed, if they don’t, it doesn’t. They only mail from Japan and France though, so it could be an expensive for US-based folk.

Last point, I started the thread as I really missed the old mcrps. But I’ve got no feels either way about collating this one. I don’t mind doing it, but if anyone else particularly fancies chairing this one, feel free to speak up!

I’m still up for it, Palindrome or whatever.
Cassettes would be great, I really love the one from the previous mcrp! So great to have ‘hardware’ instead of the soundfiles on the net.
vinyl would be even greater - but i doubt we can make that happen.

only problem is the time - i’m moving beginning of september.

@trppng I’m moving too, it’ll be fine, let’s set some really long timeframes.

NOW ACCEPTING SAMPLES: If you’re taking part, please send 2 samples, one vaguely rhythmic/percussive and one vaguely melodic/tonal. If the aspiration is to use QRATES, they need to be copyright free. Please send them as WAV or AIFF either in an email to lcrpATawonderfulkindofimpossibleDOTcoDOTuk or dropbox/wetransfer/etc to the same address. Shall we say October 1st for samples? If people need more time let me know!

So get recording, and SIGN UP, PEEPs!


Samples have started coming in! This could happen!


Count me in please. Samples will be in next week or two.

edit: yeah, vinyl for me if there’s enough interest to make it happen.

I’m in.

Do you need more samples than 2 per artist? I have a bunch I can throw into the fire if needed.

I’m in.

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate!

Vinyl for me too if we get that far.

Will dig up some samples over the weekend.

@ian Good to have you on board. Thanks for the offer of more samples, but this is an exercise in working within limitations.

@ether I think a load of us a really busy, so I can totally see deadlines being elaaaastic. With the vinyl I think I’ll just upload the release to qrates with their minimum order number (I think it’s 100 copies) and if it gets funded then great. If it doesn’t then no one loses out or ends up with an attic full of unsold records.

I’m in. Digging for samples.

@Simeon - have sent you a msg with a link to my samples.

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hope everything is well!!
Please count me in.

Agreed!! Love them, too. A friend of mine will hook my tapes up in a picture frame for me.
Will post pictures if it’s finished.

A real good friend of mine started cutting dubplates in his backyard recently :smile:
I already told him about the project and maybe we can arrange something!!
Regarding the amount of mastering work, it’ll depend a little bit on the number of tracks and the full album length.

If mastering’s the problem I mastered a few things for vinyl a couple of years back and The Carvery didn’t complain, and they came back sounding great.

Yeah! Moving done. Will try to record some samples next week.
Let’s do it!