Vinyl releases


Does pressing 100 12 inches, never completing the art for them and sticking them in a closet count? I’m waiting for the trendsetting estate sale crowd to catch on.


short runs of vinyl is indeed a bit tricky. but in the niches that we operate in a necessity.
i still have to see the modular bedroom producer who sells 300 12" on his/her own …

one provider of short runs i came across is
ordered a run of 50 from them a few weeks back, will report once they are here. seems to have a good reputation. in berlin does beautiful lathe cuts.

hope that helps …


I went through Gotta Groove who were fantastic especially as a first-timer. They will do runs of 100 for a reasonable price. (They also seem familiar with weirdo music and put time into making a record full of clicks, screeches and drones sound really nice!)

Now that I have it, doing something with it is something else altogether but the record was well handled IMHO.


Yeah, I’d agree it is a necessity.

I was mainly asking because I have seen lots of independent bandcamp musicians selling fancy short runs and always wondered how they got around to getting it in vinyl. Would look forward to your comments on your batch of 50.

I see lathe seems the way to go, but alas I’d kind of feel bad selling something that I know will degrade in time idk.

@lettersonsounds looks good!


Current lathe cuts can be just as durable as commercially pressed records, just have to go to a good place and get good quality materials.