Visiting NYC Jan 22nd - 28th

Hey all,

I’m visiting NYC for about a week after NAMM. My partner is there for a work project so I figured it’s a good time to divert over to east coast for a bit. She’ll be working most days so I’ll have lots of time to myself to explore. I haven’t been there since about 2002 so I have no idea what’s cool / fun these days. Any suggestions? Also if anyone wants to hang out, I’d be up for grabbing a beverage during chatting about music or whatever.


I don’t know NYC but I do know is located there. So there’s that. Probably a good opportunity to get hands on with a bunch of stuff that is not easy to get hands on with.

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if i’m down during this time it’d be great to meet up (with @Galapagoose also) for some espresso-driven synth talk…


I live in Brooklyn, so I’d be down for whatever gathering of lines-folk ends up happening.

if you’re a fan of jazz and ping pong check out Fat Cat in the west village. incredible musicians and great laid back atmosphere. table games galore. true gem in downtown manhattan

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That would be great :slight_smile:

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That sounds cool, I will definitely check it out

I can vouch for control, it’s where I first discovered modular.

I definitely know about Control :wink:

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Ok, NAMM is over, I’ll be flying to NYC tomorrow morning. Does anyone still want to meet up while I’m there?

I’ll also have a Eurorack case with me if anyone wants to check out any Intellijel modules, including the new ones.


In [North] Brooklyn [not far from ctrl] as well. Be down to hang should hangs hang.

Ctrl for sure. You might check Trans-Pecos or Silent Barn for some grungy DIY weirdness, or Issue Project Room or Roulette for heavy avant music in a more traditional concert setting. Also shows at the Kitchen, or the Expanded Cinema exhibit at the new Whitney Museum look amazing, too!

@kisielk if you decide to check out Trans-Pecos, some friends are putting on and playing this show on Friday

Should be a good time with a fairly diverse [mostly live] lineup [from ambient modular to techno to breakcore to whatever]

Cool. We’ll probably be heading to this show tomorrow night :slight_smile:

I’ll be there as well, heading out shortly :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we didn’t end up going. Too tired to stay up! :slight_smile:

no worries! I ended up getting home around 8 am [sober too :smile:] so I understand that’s not necessarily for everyone.

Sorry we didn’t get to link, it was a good time.