Visiting San Francisco in August

Hey everyone.

I’m going to be in SF in late Augist, around the 20-27. I’d love to arrange a meetup, see a show, or maybe even perform?

If anyone is interested in making some plans either reply here or in a DM and we can get a group going. I’d love to meet some people if possible!

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You’re always welcome to come to my apartment in Oakland, hang out, and patch. (That goes for anyone on Lines, as long as you’re not a creep.) If you do come hang out, I’ll make sure there are other nerds like us there to make it less awkward and more noisy.

Feel free to contact me directly through this or my Instagram.

I’m in SF as well. Down to meetup, hang, go to a show, whatever.

You definitely want to check out RobotSpeak if you haven’t before, it’s a weird synth shop in a basement in the Haight and the staff is super friendly and…exactly what you’d expect based on that description :slight_smile:


I’m on the Peninsula, in Mountain View. Would love to get together.

If your dates are flexible, there is a monthly electronic open mic in Oakland first Sundays - so Sept. 2nd.

And/or I can organize a day in that range for folks to come to Mtn. View and play in my rehearsal space, and then walking to dinner/beer/desert/etc. afterwards in downtown Mtn. View (convenient to CalTrain).

I mainly hang out @ Noisebridge… I do a lot of the music “wrangling” including putting the Majority of this physically together.

Stop by any day.

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