Visual art software hunt

Helllo everyone… I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find a software with particular features but haven’t found much, and thought I’d come to ghis community because of the breadth of styles and mediums here… so…

I would ideally like some sort of creative “digital art” software that incorporates aspects of image editing with lots of room for manipulation / weirdness… definitely great for experimental / unusual processing and/or glitchy things… it would be great to find something that incorporates a lot of things instead of just doing one thing well , like, krita for painting … although if I am overlooking some features in krita etc that might make it good for this kind of all-around art creation
Please let me know … Another note is that I am looking for PC software I think /hope I came to the right place with this !!!
Love and respect ,
Also I appreciate commercial and free reccs

There is a thread on here somewhere about glitch art. I think the gist was converting an image to audio then back again. Hopefully someone can remember the name of that one.

Glitch Art that’s the one

Thank you… I mean , I’m well-versed in data bending with audacity / notepad headers etc… but I was wondering if there’s something like GIMP or PHOTOSHOP WITH MORE CREATIVE EFFECTS AND MANIPULATION OPTIONS AND EXPERIMENTAL Features… maybe I am just dreaming here…

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Also that link is dead fir me

Ah, getcha. A kind of in the box solution.

Makes me think of signwave’s old mac os art/parody softwares, Autoshop, Autoillustrator etc. I will try and find info/a link later. If yiy can find a copy you’d need an old mac os emulator I think

Also I had a lot of fun over the years making 1bit glitch art collages using a copy of the original black and white KidPix, edited with some of my own artwork/stamps using Resedit :slight_smile:


This is a not cheap and somewhat quirky paint animation program. Demo is free - might be one to watch as new version is due any time.

There is also Digital Art & Painting Software - Corel Painter 2021
Many versions and there are fancy brush extension for photoshop.

And best for last…
Boris fx particle illusions - free video fx but you can always chop a frame for further work

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I recommend Substance Designer for a certain type of Photoshop-meets-Max/MSP graphics creation (like if Photoshop was node-based), it’s intended for procedurally creating textures for video games but it outputs normal 2D graphics files like PNGs.


I’ve really been enjoying Ronin created by @neauoire. It’s like a more nimble version of Processing and I’ve used it to make some cool “glitchy” type of graphics. It’s cross platform, and runs in a browser which is very handy for quick editing.

Datamoshing is also a quick way to create interesting effects. It used to be you needed a hex editor to make achieve those effects but there are apps now that kind of automate the process.


this one may come from Captain Obvious™ but TouchDesigner ticks a lot of those boxes, available for PC and the free licence is permissive enough

TD let’s you edit and perform in the same interface, great for serendipitous discoveries and experimental creative exploration


I have to say that you can do almost anything with TouchDesigner. Here are several examples made with it …


Hydra is a livecoding software based on video synths and can be used for all sorts of experimental textures, animations, etc.


Wow good start!! I will begin the stabbery here soon :slight_smile:

TD is really sick !!! How do folks here feel about TD vs like hollyhock ??? Ooh I just reminded myself that I need to fuck with HH3 again he he


I’d never heard the term datamoshing before and I’m looking into it now. Very cool stuff :open_mouth:

I work as a software developer and I’m always trying to think of ways to design personal software to deliberately mess with & cause corruptions on my machine. It’s so easy to overlook the possibilities of a simple hex editor!

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^^a great wiki about video related software

^^a wiki I wrote about raspberry pi based software
^^ the signal culture apps are crazy


I would root for Hydra, and p5.js which is a JavaScript version of Processing (mentioned above by @dianus and maybe others too) with a wonderful community. Both Hydra and p5js/Processing are both programming based, which you might not be looking for.

There is also Unity.

Great suggestions above!

G’mic (free, open source) has some wonderful filters. It can be installed as a plugin for Gimp and there’s a browser version in addition to the command line tool. I also remember seeing a Blender integration somewhere, which would suit me best… I need to look that up again.

And since we’re there, there’s Blender as well, which is easier to use these days, but still so powerful it’s hard to find your way at first. Better for 3D, animation and film editing. Also open source.

So nice to see a shout-out for Signwave. Such fond memories of Auto-Illustrator. It looks like Internet Archive has done it’s job to preserve generative art history :slight_smile:

Thanks for digging out the links :slight_smile: Gonna have to revisit these myself. Shame they never seemed to get round to their version of After Effects

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