VJ software recommendations?


any recommendations for good live video mixing software?

basic needs, not throwing a rave. reliable clip cueing & fades, midi hardware mapping, smooth HD playback are my priorities. cheap or free is good too!

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I’m working with resolume Arena, checks all the boxes above, minus the cheap… I’ve heard that go:vj an iOS Vj app is not bad either, but then you don’t have the hardware component…


My friends use GrandVJ: https://www.arkaos.net/products/vjdj with an APC40

Not sure if it meets your “cheap” criteria though.


I got some good results with TouchViZ:


thanks for the tips!


Takete looks interesting.



someone just showed me this VJ software called CoGe. Its a lot like Resolume but waaaay less expensive. I think i’m going to get it soon myself. $99 for mac. demo is unrestricted but no saving of projects


ah! this looks great. thanks so much.


Do you have MAX? You can put together a quick VJ system with lots of cool FX in a few minutes with the Vizzie modules that are included.

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Any changes to possible answers to this question in the last couple of years?


vvvv https://vvvv.org/
supports boygrouping, gpu shaders etc. quite decent as a patching environment for music as well, or doing both.


VDMX is my go to.

20 chars.

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I am pretty happy with CoGe and Lumen. I use them with a few midi controllers like Launch Control XL

Pretty affordable setup. Video moves around the network and the Mac via Syphon


Another vote for Lumen. Very powerful and fun for analog style video synthesis and pretty affordable. Great UI. Met the mastermind behind it recently at an event that showcased a hybrid lumen/hardware setup and besides being a nice guy he definitely knew a thing or two.

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from the CoGe developer: Mitti

has been very suitable for my “not so vj” video needs:

very reliable playback of pro-res hd clips.
midi / osc
lots of sync options
and most importantly: stable!


Some time ago there was quite a bit of talk about this one:

Tried to run it on my computer, but my GPU just isn’t good enough, so I can’t say if it really delivers.

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I can also highly, HIGHLY, recommend VDMX5.
I bought a license back in something like 2008 or 09, have been using it both for fun and professionally since, until i changed to Win, a couple of months ago.

I think that its biggest force is the modularity. You can have a setup consisting of one media bin with 16 clips, mapped to a external controller.
Or you can have 8 layers, with .mov, shaders, qc, isf, a live web-stream, a black-magic video link, a screengrapper on a processing sketch, and a syphon stream from Unity. Mapped to 4 outputs, and a DMX universe for takeover on the in-house light board.

They co-developed the HAP codec, which is useful if you want to run really HD material.

It has really good and solid OSC, Midi and DMX + Artnet in/out as-well.

I actually miss it now :frowning:


for the theatre (we started/run a community theatre that does 6 shows a year and around 30 performances) we use Qlab
it is hands down my favorite everything all in one video, DMX lighting, audio, effects, backstage monitoring applications and I haven’t used barely any of the new bits and bobs they have been adding recently

tx modular
this one I’ve just discovered
it has two uses for VJ/video synthesists
one is something called wave terrain it gives you an incredibly sophisticated set of math functions and layers which output in non realtime
I will be using this to generated grayscale wipe patterns for use with something like doorway/memory palace in the LZX workflow
secondly there is an animated code function within TX modular that runs a code which can be modified with 20 modulatable inputs.
I haven’t played around with either this too much yet for video work but I used it for audio a year or so ago and it has grown considerably since then

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some time ago I messed around with this: https://magicmusicvisuals.com/


Part of the reason I resurrected this thread, vs. asking in the Live Show Visuals thread was because I thought there was a difference between VJ software and “visuals”. Is that a mistake? I was thinking of VJ software as tools that make it easy to make choices between videos on the fly…like a live tv broadcast vs. editing software. Is it worth defining VJ software?

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