VLM.Subharmoniclone Microtone Sequencer: Free M4L MPE sequencer

VLM.Subharmoniclone Microtone Sequencer

A MIDI MPE sequencer based on the Moog Subharmonicon (Moogfest version) to be used with MPE instruments like Ableton’s Wavetable.

Important: “Note PB” of sequencer and instrument must match, works best with “Note PB” set to 3 and “Poly Voices” set to 6.


  • Live transport synced reset.

  • Midi clock trigger and follow.

  • Midi input velocity and pitch tracking.

  • Push integration.

  • MPE pigeonholing. Recorded MIDI input will look really weird. Six notes with very close (or even the same) frequency can be played together. For this they need to be triggered with separate MIDI notes with big pitchbends to bring their pitches together again. That’s why Note PB has to be at least 3 semitones. Try getting this and setting Wavetable’s MIDI Rand to about 0.2 for a cool chorusing effect.


Ableton 11 & Max 8


Keywords: generative step sequencer microtonal subharmoniclone subharmonic clock division