VLM.Turbulent Sequencer: A free FFT based sequence generator for monosynths

VLM.Turbulent Sequencer for Max4Live

A very tweakable deterministic random sequence generator with all automatable parameters.

It uses FFT and distributions to generate a sequence, so everything is repeatable. You can save the device as a preset or with your project and it will load up the same sequence. Automate a parameter to generate variations of the sequence throughout a track, or map it to an LFO to make infinite slowly evolving ambient sequences.

The default mode uses a MIDI clock (steps on MIDI note input), so play a clip with C3 16th notes through it. Other notes will transpose the sequence and then step. Live sync is also available.

There’s a project with a bunch of presets included in the zip.

Full docs on the Gumroad download page.


Live 10.1, Max 8.1



Big update! All ported to C so no more Java issues, and I finally made a demo video.


Uploaded the code to github. If you ever wanted to see the same externals in TypeScript, JS, Java and C, here’s your chance!


Hi there. Thanks for your work.
I’m writing my Ph.D. thesis and I want to include an image of your tool on it. Of course, I will include your name and web page. Do you agree? thanks.

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