Vlog: walkthrough of my Monome-centered live rig

I recently started a series of vlogger posts on my Youtubes (as opposed to straight music jams). My latest one is a walkthrough of my live rig. Teletype/Ansible/Telex/16n and ER-301 based operation. First few minutes are stream-of-consciousness thoughts. Tech stuff starts at 6:54.


enjoyed your video. sounds like I had a similar idea to you insofar as using granular textures as a bridge between sections. theres a set i recorded where I use norns MLR to live loop my mixer output. I also have ER-301 clocked stretch unit sharing a buffer with a feedback looper thats also listening to the main mix out.

I was having a hard time with how to set up the sends so that I could record and overdub using MLR and the feedback looper without getting feedback while monitoring/listening to what I had just recorded (if that makes any sense)…At first I tried to use the 2 aux sends on the WMD mixer, but it wasn’t really working for me. Instead I took the WMD stereo out going to the Norns and the mono out going into one track on the 301…

i feel like i could have gone back and edited the track more (some parts seem to drag on longer than they should). would love to get any feedback if you have time to listen.


I really like it! Very cool vibe. Love the dark tones, but still very musical.

Have you tried using the Cue output as I described? It works perfectly for me. You can send only what you want to the looped and no feedback.

Nice work though! And thanks for checking out my vid. Cheers.

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thanks! will definitely try the cue setup. :metal:

@dudadius Did you mention in the video how you’re using the Norns?

Didn’t get to that yet! Will cover it in one of the next ones, but I’m using it both in MLR mode, to create looping material, and for one track I’m using Orca like a pseudo Octotrack to playback the whole song.


Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your video – and feeding the ER-301 via cue is a great idea! Quite complex setup. Is your Arc connected to Norns?

Thanks! Yea, I go back and forth on the complexity of it all. Sometimes I just want to have an Octatrack and Analog4 and call it a day, but I know that what I’m able to do with this is way worth the hassle.

Arc is connected to a second Ansible module. Currently only used as a glorified set of LFO’s, but I do like the sequencing functionality and will hopefully integrate that into my set in the next wave.

This is Arc/Ansible in sequencing mode, what I’d like to add to my live set ultimately:

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