Voices - Launching a project for you all to participate in

After posting a couple of threads on this website I got surprised by the sincere and heartfelt responses from you guys and I really felt a connection there. I was also happy to see that one of the discussions I started was inspiring a project on a long ambient track of 60-90 minutes ideated by @_mark which I am currently working on.

As a musician I spend a lot of time researching and working on new sounds and I am constantly looking for new gear, but what if I could make music just with my voice?

The project I want you to develop together with me is exactly about this: how to make music just with our voices, not necessarily singing, but ONLY with our voices and, if you like, with the help of our favorite DAWs.

When thinking about this project I think about lullabies for our loved ones, prayers and chants to celebrate our inner voices.
So, let me cut the crap and give you a brief summary of what are my expectations for the project:

  1. The only rule is that you ONLY use your voice as an instrument. You can edit that as you wish and use all the effects you want, as long as your voice is the main actor in your musical composition

  2. I would love you to send me a picture of your mouth that I could attach to your song (optional…I ubderstand this is maybe a little bit too weird, so if you don’t feel like it that’s fine) in Bandcamp or Soundcloud when publishing the project. It will be released for free download, hoping that other musicians will use our voices in their compositions

  3. I would love for you to send me a short video of yourself creating the song, possibly surrounded by all your gear (which you will not be using for the song) and a short bio of yourself and the place where you live, as I would like to create a documentary on the project. I am an aspiring documentary maker and I think this could be very interesting – of course you don’t need to do this if you don’t feel like it

The project deadline is the 28th February 2019, but if anyone else wants to join after that while I am editing the video documentary and preparing the release of the compilation, no problem at all.

I will be constantly updating the list of all the participants in the project. If you want to join, please comment here and private message me for more info on how to join the project.

White Noise (A.K.A. Elephant Kid)


I like it, but there are already two deadlines (the LRCP project and the long-form ambient project) near that date. I’d suppose you’d get more participation if you postpose it by a couple of months. my 2 cents.


Nice project. Deadline is short but not as short as a weekly junto- so if (quite) quick , sketch like and simple was part of the aesthetic this wouldn’t be too bad. As you are doing all the hard work keep to the deadline that works for you…
Will do my best to contribute…

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Sure, good point here, I’ll do that

Great, I’ll count you in then!

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Just postponed the deadline to the end of Feb 2019


Sounds good, count me in.

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20 characters of I’m in!

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Sounds fun… will try to get something together. Feb deadline more manageable for me too…


This is a cool idea… I’ll see if I’m able to come up with something!

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I’ll join in as well! Sounds like fun!

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I wouldn’t mind giving it a go.

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Great I’ll count you in

Thanks! I hope you do!

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Great thanks! Talk to you soon

Hi guys, has anyone started thinking about the project? Would love to hear about your concepts, even rough ideas is fine! Thanks

What a great idea, I’d love to participate as I used to use my voice a lot before I got ‘distracted’ by software based electronic means of music production. There is nothing like a voice, whatever the sound. I am a little perturbed by the prospect of uploading a photo of my mouth though. You talking full inner gob shot?

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Hey thanks for your support to the project. No, you don’t need to upload your mouth…my girlfriend as well is telling that that bit maybe is a little too weird :slight_smile:

I like fiddling with beats, but also working with constraints. So I may just record one sound and base the whole thing on that sample. Kinda like what @andrewhuang did with the trump sniff.


I’d love to have @andrewhuang working on this project!