Voices - Launching a project for you all to participate in

Hi everyone, I hope your 2019 has started in the best way and that it will be a great one for you all.

I am writing as I would love to start wrapping up the project and would love to hear about the progress you made it so far. I will be working on my song in the next few days and do some videos as well.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Elephant Kid (a.k.a. WhiteNoise a.k.a Simone)

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Okay, so I just saw this and really like your idea and especially the place you’re coming from. Honestly, I have eschewed vocals in my work (until, like, literally this weekend, when I decided to resolve a potential copyright issue with my long-form ambient piece by singing) and find the prospect a little scary – which is why I think I want to do it. Count me in!


Happy new year everyone! I was thinking of going through some field recordings and seeing if I could replicate any lines vocally. Haven’t started yet, will do after I’ve done the long-form piece :slight_smile:


I have started my track with the first 2/3 of it sketched out- only my voice (though this did included me going doo-dee-doo down a cardboard tube so I hope this is in the spirit of the project).

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that’s great! yeah you guys will decide what would be the spirit, you have total freedom

G’day, this looks fun and I’d like to be involved. Cheers!

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I’ve seen this topic only today and would like to take part/help.

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Please do! You are most welcome!

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Hi everyone.

Until now we have 12 people showing interest in the project, and this is the full list:


  • a couple of my friends and myself

Cannot wait to hear about your progress! :alien:
By the way, I was wondering if you all would like to take part in the video…with 15 people in I see it at least as 1.5 hours long. I would love to have some footage of you performing the song, of the place where you live, your studio or whatever really. I just would love to come up with a visual representation of the project.

I’d love to hear what you think about it, if it’s worth it or even if you think it’s a stupid idea and we shouldn’t do it. Anyway, I don’t have any guidelines and you have total freedom.

I will just take care of the mastering for the LP (shall I release it on Bandcamp for free? any other ideas?) and to edit the movie (if I have enough people who’d like to do that).


This is a great idea and I would also like to take part :slight_smile:


Thank you for this nice project that I’d love to join! :slight_smile:


Hello, can I just double check that the deadline for this project is still February 28th? Thanks!!

Sure! but if you need more time that is not a problem at all

Thank you, but my track is almost complete.

How would you like me to send it to you?

Recorded my track today and made a video of the process too.

Will email a pic of my mouth.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s results!

Think my track is finished and here’s my video:


I sent my track ( and gob shot) in last night. For some reason I thought the deadline was the 18th and not the 28th…so its good to be early with this one. Still up for providing something for the documentary but haven’t done much about that…

also looking forward to the release…will it be a bandcamp thing?


Yes, I was thinking about releasing the album for free on Bandcamp and the documentary (non-monetised) on youtube

So I already got 3 tracks in and they are awesome!
For those who would like to take part in the project documentary as well I was thinking about asking you 3 random but project-related questions for you to reply only when you start recording yourself, so just text me for the questions.

If you have any more ideas to make the documentary more interesting please let me know…right now I am thinking about a mix between interview and your musical video for the project, but suggestions and contributions are most welcome!


Mine has taken a turn for the weird! But still want to get something done. Might be a week or two.

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