Voices - Launching a project for you all to participate in

sure take your time do not rush

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Bit of a shitshow at work lately and this slipped my mind. Still accepting tracks or too late?

Sure we are still accepting tracks

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I’m very sorry to say, I’m going to have to bow out of this. Life circumstances have dictated that I put some of my creative projects on hold for the next several months. I do plan to follow the outcome, though: best to all participants and thanks @WhiteNoise for putting it together.

Sadly, I’m going to have to go the same way here. New job and various other life commitments have squeezed my creative output somewhat. I made a start, but it’s way off being finished.

Also very keen to hear these. Most enjoyed your track and approach @bassling!


no problem Mark…but now we are curious to listen to your start! :slight_smile:

thanks a lot. take care

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