Voltage Connect 3/10-3/11 @Berklee (Boston)

kelli and i will be at this synth event next weekend in boston.

saturday morning we’re do a talk on the ecosystem we’ve developed, and friday afternoon there’s a panel about grids-- monome and push and novation circuit, should be something.

suzanne ciani and jordan rudess at the concert friday night.

full schedule: https://www.berklee.edu/voltage-connect/schedule


Voltage Connect Conference 2017
Held on March 10 & 11

The conference is themed “Pioneers, Players, Thinkers, Purveyors” and will examine the development and direction of electronic instruments, from early commercial synthesizers in the 1970s to the present and beyond. This two-day conference will consist of panel discussions, presentations, technology demos, and performances that explore how electronic instruments are developed and used. A product expo will run concurrently with the conference proceedings. The conference connects researchers, established and emerging companies, and performers who are committed to the development and use of electronic instruments.

Discount for ya’ll: $125.00 from $195.00 at https://www.berklee.edu/voltage-connect/discount


Did Richard Devine back out? He was on the roster for a while

Thanks for coming to Town.
Sounds like a great event and I hope to make it from NH.