Volunteers: New Teletype Studies

as you’re likely aware, Teletype 2.1 is out and community development on this is outpacing my ability to create documentation and tutorials.

with so many new op collections and use cases, we need some addendum sections to the teletype studies.

if you haven’t seen them, they’re a guided tutorial step-by-step to making use of collections of ops with a goal in mind, for example: https://monome.org/docs/modular/teletype/studies-4/

here’s an initial list of sections that perhaps would be good additions, perhaps as micro-studies

  • 2.1: TURTLE
  • 2.0 and 2.1: subcommands, aliases, hotkey usage, comments
  • ER
  • just friends
  • telex

open to suggestions for more. my hope is to get to all of these eventually, but my current workload suggests that it’ll be some time off. so if anyone would like to work on any of these, go for it! i found it was in interesting exercise in trying to make an interesting patch with constrained commands— it generated a whole lot of new ideas.


Turtle Tennis uses some of the new functionality, including:

  • LAST
  • SCRIPT getter

It may be useful in a study. It’s not completely musical, but could be modified to be more so.

turtle_tennis.txt (1.2 KB)

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I need to work my way through the original grid studies again (third time’s the charm?) and then I will start working through all this new functionality. It will take some time! And I don’t have gobs of time right now, so it will be slow. I’m going to start in the wrong order. I’m really intrigued by @scanner_darkly’s grid ops, so I’ll start there, and then move on to Just Type (so little written about that!). Then I’ll go through the list in more or less the order @tehn wrote. While I can’t promise I’ll get usable studies documented out of the effort, that will be my goal. Hope some folks beat me to it though!


Just wanted to say I really like to TT studies so far, I’m looking forward to learn about new functionalities through a similar studies format.

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I’ve been working on some TELEX studies that I intend to contribute - though don’t let that shy anyone away if they also want to contribute some for the TXo or TXi. :slight_smile:

Any plans for the format of these? Are they going to be included in the documentation or hosted separately? I’ve been doing my work in Markdown thus far.

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Was thinking about how to contribute to this without stepping on toes. We could declare our intentions to write a study on a particular topic, but then we become a bottleneck. I know for myself, I sometimes commit to things and then have a hard time finding time to follow through.

@tehn - what if we start writing studies and contribute them to Teletype Code Exchange then you can ‘promote’ write ups from there into the official studies? @emenel - you’re one of the codex maintainers, does this fit in with your vision? It would change the content a bit from strictly code exchange to be more of what is commonly called a code cookbook, that still fit ok with the goals of the codex?


the studies are written in markdown. i’d be happy to host them directly on the site

very good idea

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