Vongon VF-104: a midi controller for Moog MF-104


Hello highly valued and respected lines community,

I wanted to share my first stompbox midi controller. This is the first “product” I’ve ever made and I’d love to hear feedback on your perceptions / first thoughts / questions about this device. I’m looking for mentors + friends that like to make music electronics, so hmu! : )

This is a midi controller made to work specifically for the Moogerfooger MF-104 delay pedal. I made a prototype of this device years ago when I was playing guitar in a friends band, some time later, in an extreme spark of luck, Trey Anastasio asked me to build him one for his 2017 summer tour with Phish (thanks Trey!). Tbh, I’m pretty sure Trey didn’t use the pedal very much because I was/am an amateur, but I discovered that I love making stuff for musicians! Below is a youtube link that is a quasi commercial/tutorial about this device. Thanks for reading :pray:

available for purchase @ www.vongon.com



Wow - Super Groovy! - My 104M might love that.



Hey there - I’ve been looking at this tonight and love the three footswitches and the nice dial. I’m wondering if there’s any midi-only parameter that’s available in the pedal? For instance, in the 104M manual there’s a listing of many non-panel configurations on page 23, which is also covered in this addendum - are any of those available in the Vongon? It’d make it really cool to add dial control to non-panel options. I like the dial on the Vongon but also see the redundancy in what’s already a dial on the Moog and wonder if there’s room for the Vongon to be an expander, of sorts.

One option might be a second pedal that just offers the non-panel settings on the Moog (with the option to save settings on both the moog and Vongon together as a preset) — That’d be wonderful.

Best success on this. The videos are really well done, too.



Hi, thanks for the kind words!

The Vongon Vf-104 only includes the parameters already available on the front panel of the moogerfooger. When I was prototyping the vongon, I did include the hidden parameters (for example clock multiplier), but I found it added more confusion than actually helped. But I do like your idea of an expansion controller than includes only the parameters that are not available on the front panel, maybe a future project : )

Also, unfortunately the midi connection to the moogerfooger is only an input. So there is no way for the vongon to “see” where the knobs are positioned on the moogerfooger. That’s why it’s “redundant” where you have to build the preset on the vongon unit itself before saving. Does that make sense?