VR Interface Design

Discussion from this thread:

inspired me to consider learning more about designing for VR.

This came across sidebar.io today and looks interesting:

Would love to read more if you know of similar resources.


Don’t know about programming (in any language not just for VR), but people seem really taken with the Deepmind VR interface (albeit in a behringer promo video, so they’re not going to critical!).


The representation of the “mod matrix” looks great for helping understand what going on behind the patches.

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Yeah, that demo definitely gets at what makes this an interesting thing to explore.

My friends at Looker just posted this:

Not musically relevant, and pretty geeky if I’m honest. But still, you can see the potential for new ways of interacting with virtual things.

Its definitely an exciting area. I hope that during my lifetime VR can become affordable. I’d love to take my science classes on 3d tours of Mars or the ISS, or go swimming with killer whale pods, or shrink down and travel through the circulatory system. Would be a total revolution if it could be done well.

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This post helped me understand why Moore’s law will continue even though CPU speeds are hitting ceilings. A long winded way of saying “prices will almost certainly come way down.”


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