Virtual reality synthesis and performance…have you seen anything similar?

Can you give us some more info about this?

sorry no idea, just found it on fb…

A bit more about this, thanks to the goog:



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With the VR boom happening, there have been quite a few attempts at musical interfaces in VR.

MuX is a recent one that comes to mind.

There’s also SoundStage

I met a VR performer Berlin last year who was using SoundStage, so I got to learn a bit about this one. The code is open source, so we even did a code dive: https://github.com/googlearchive/soundstagevr (spoiler alert: all DSP code is written in C#, so it’s likely not going to perform well).

Whenever I see these VR environments attempt to imitate analog studio workflows that have been around for decades, I can’t help but think about Brett Victors “stop drawing dead fish” talk: https://vimeo.com/64895205


Anybody designing a UI for anything at all (but especially UI for creative tools) who has not yet devoured everything Brett Victor has written and talked about, should immediately head over to worrydream.com and get busy. He’s the best!


I know @mdg is doing a lot with VR and electronic music performance, though I don’t think it’s direct 1-1 “virtual instrument” stuff, more sculptural and explorative, quite brilliant from what I’ve seen… Maybe he can chime in at some point with some work examples

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shucks! thanks @wheelersounds < 3

apropos of above, I’ve definitely been doing some ‘non-traditional’ VR over the past few years - here’s a piece I did awhile back using a kludge of generative OSC from Ableton/M4l -> Unity, and OSC back from Unity to Max/MSP to spatialize sound via the HOA ambisonics package.

More recently I’ve been collaborating with a choreographer doing some VR pieces more focused on the relationship + friction/overlap between physical embodiment and virtual simulation. Here’s a little snippet from soundcheck/tech for a performance.

Also! (sry/self indulgent), but have a show up at SVA Visible Future’s Lab in NYC until 5/17 showing some of this stuff if of interest to anyone local!

Lastly (whew!) v excited about this thread + avenue of exploration

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Nice! Was Glad Scientist the person you met out in Berlin?

Yup. I met the Glad Scientist.