VST like Polygome

I’m looking for a vst or max for live plugin that would operate similar to Polygome.
Specifically having having multiple sequences triggered by holding down multiple keys. In the original Polygome I would record notes and then hold down different notes on the monome and created some nice sequences.
I still have a monome, but am not into the the Terms version of polygome.

Try this version. It is a little different than the terms version.

polygome128.amxd (1.5 MB)

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This is amazing, and it worked ! Thank you.

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So I’ve been messing with this and it’s great… Do you make this yourself? I’ve never seen it before you shared it.
Do you have anymore goodies like this for Ableton, that you’d be willing to share? I was on the verge of selling my Monome but you’ve made it useful again. Thanks!

HI @Ron_Fountenberry1,

I am not a coder. The most I’ve done is mess with these great patches made by others here and there, mostly just to add autofocus when it has been needed.

This polynome version is just one I picked up along the way somewhere. I’ve used a monome grid off and on for years so I have collected lots of patches over time. If there are particular patches you like I can certainly share with you the versions I have. I don’t think I really have anything that isn’t available but you never know.

One you can try that you probably don’t have is this M4L version of meadophysics which is great.

Meadowphysics 2 M4L.amxd (475.0 KB)

Also boiingg is great if you haven’t used it.
boiingg.amxd (500.9 KB)


so intersting…
maybe you worked at a max 4 live version of parc sequencer?

There is this one. I’ve never used parc before. Tried but had trouble figuring it out. I need a tutorial on it probably!

parc.amxd (722.5 KB)
parc_ch2.amxd (5.2 KB)
parc_ch3.amxd (5.9 KB)
parc_ch4.amxd (5.9 KB)

I have another version of parc with 16 channels in my library. I tried uploading it to dropbox but it had an error for some reason. If you want it I could upload each file here probably.

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m4l parc is part of @elquinto’s magic suite: https://github.com/el-quinto/maxforlive-suite?files=1


Thanks for all these. You seriously made my week, and saved my monome.
Boiing is awesome too. I got Meadowphysics working but no lights on my monome 64. Any clue?

Meadowphysics may only work well with a 128 varibright unfortunately. Glad you are enjoying your monome again!

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Hi all & thanks @jasper_ryder for sharing this m4l meadowphysics 2.
Will try that when I have some spare time.

Just trying my luck here:
You don’t happen to have a m4l version of the original grainstorm ap (for push button arcs), do you?


I have not come across any grainstorm versions in my monome app folders. I’ll check my old hard drives later and see if I have any from way back. Chances are slim because I haven’t owned an arc ever. Someday!