"Vulneraries" - 12-string guitar and modular synth

im so sorry for your loss, friend. my mom died from the same kind of cancer almost 5 years ago, and your music articulates so many feelings for me. I really appreciate it, and i hope it brought you some small part of the peace it has brought me. blessings and love <3


This past week we put out a new CD of material we recorded in the days immediately after my mother’s death – including the track I posted here earlier, but also lots of stuff around a single theme & basic patch idea. The main melodic theme grew out of a few chords in an open guitar tuning my dad worked out, which I programmed into Teletype and would step through using Pressure Points more or less as I described in the Sequencer for Subtle Music thread (and other ways too, but when you hear Ondes-y melodies, that’s what’s happening).

Listening back, I’m grateful beyond words that we had this outlet during that time – the many painful memories are mixed with joyful ones since we were able to pour practically all our energy into playing, for a little while. I’m really proud of the variation+cohesion we achieved here, in about a week or less.

Thanks to everyone here for your kind words & ears, and to everyone responsible for these insane glorious instruments.


We’ve got a new one up today – super excited to share these two collaborations with the amazing thereminist Pamelia Stickney. “Waters Fall” began as a group improv in which we all contributed simultaneously to the same feedback path, while Pamelia and I captured and spun back bits of her playing using a DL4 and uBurst/Monsoon, respectively; and on “Winds Rise,” Pamelia added beautiful layers of theremin, playing through the guitar palme diffuseur-style, to a bed of sequences we had recorded earlier.

Thanks as always to everyone who’s supported this project – it means a lot and I hope the recordings bring you some of the solace that working on them has brought me.