W/ Firmware Update (v1.2.1)

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Off of the Beta subject… but could i suggest for new ‘w/’ releases:
Make the Record button ‘red’, and Play button ‘green’, Loop as ‘grey’ (white or black usually indicates ‘stop’). The red, green, grey scheme seems to connect ‘hand to brain’ better when i see those color codes, from doing recording for 45 years…
(hopefully it doesn’t take it too far off its non-color theme).

I did the Beta 5 firmware update on my ‘w/’ and all seems to be working well (as far as I can tell)
noticed less freezing up (although I am not using with CV in or triggers in yet);
I am still trying to understand the cue and loops functions/ toggle moves, still a little muddy.
Will continue working with it, reading, watching.


I’m noticing clicks when recording into a short loop (live mode, sound just a little longer than slapback delay). The clicks happen regardless of whether I use CV into that, but are quieter the more negative CV is used, and don’t change in volume as you move above zero volts. I guess that’s to be expected, given how CV changes the volume of the ‘wet’ signal.

If this is the off-by-one error mentioned in the first post, then I would say this suggests it’s likely not an issue with loop direction.

Indeed this thread is getting pretty cluttered with non-beta-testing comments. Please feel free to start a new ‘Help W/’ thread!

Thanks for the report. I’ll try and replicate here. It sounds like an independent issue to me.


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Beta6 posted up top.

Notably it fixes the ‘module unresponsive when left in NAV mode >10mins’ bug. For those playing at home, the SD card itself (not the driver) was going to sleep & the driver was not handling this well.

Further, switching tapes is now quite smooth. I believe there’s still a small click sound after changing (which will be addressed in the future, not now). Input monitoring will now continue while the tape changes so there’s more flexibility for effects-style routing.


Awesome! Cant wait to try it out!! :smiley:

Since flashing beta 6, I’ve experienced the same issue each time on start-up: the unit starts on a different tape from the one in use on shut down (it appears to power on at the first tape). This behavior appears to occur regardless of the active mode on shut down - I have tested in NAV with CV into THAT and with playback stopped.

Is this different from your experience with beta5?

Beta 5 wouldn’t always start with the segment active at shutdown, but the tape would not change.

I’m about to head out, but I can make a short video later / tomorrow if that’s helpful (just in case I’m explaining it poorly).

In the first boot, Beta 6 started me at the beginning of tape 1, which is where a lot of my work is, but I’m pretty sure I had been working in tape 4 the last time I spent a lot of time with my synth

Thanks for the reports. Just confirmed I had left in some debug code (which would always load the top-left tape). Will post an update tomorrow, hopefully with the reverse aliasing fixed too.


Happy to help! Good luck!

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That’s definitely the one! Sorry I wasn’t more specific in identifying the tape that was loading.

Haven’t had a chance to test the beta yet(still on the second due to recording commitments), but from what I’ve been reading I can only admire all the hard work @Galapagoose is putting into this

With that said, I want to use the module in live set that I’ve been booked to play in september and currently am quite anxious doing so. I wonder if it might be possible to get a stripped down firmware version for my needs. I do not plan on using cue mode live and mainly want to play loops. Would an alternate firmware with just recording and playing back reduce the chance of bugs during playback or am I over asking/thinking? Anyhow, once again kudos to @Galapagoose for all the hard work.

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I don’t know how you’d mark your loops without cue’s, plus once I started getting my head around the cue points, looping, and order of operations the W/ really started coming together. I’m waiting for Beta6 today and if the aliasing on reverse is good, I’ll be feeling like this is close to being a release candidate for 1.1. You should upgrade and find familiarity with the functionality as it’s brilliant.

I’ve been testing latest beta for a while, can confirm there is no more problem with freezing, hovewer i’ve got one crash while navigating to previous cue point in CUE mode (while triggering it in THIS). Anyway big thanks to @Galapagoose for update!

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Will do! Thank you very much!

beta7 posted up top.

tape-selection should now restore the tape & cue that were active on powerdown.

fixed the reverse aliasing issue.

new bug: reverse playback of the 1st loop (ie looping to the start of the tape) doesn’t work. in LIVE it stops when it hits the start. in NAV it makes bad noises.