W/ Firmware Update (v1.2.1)

To be honest, we had a very difficult time recreating bugs people reported previously. This is for 2 reasons: 1) the bugs themselves were intermittent, and 2) they mostly seemed to be caused by the ‘state’ of the machine (which just happens to be the contents of a 4GB sdcard). Most of the firmware changes were in pursuit of a more robust handling of cue-points which were the primary suspect in the ‘bad state’ search.

I think the best way to test for the correctness of state in that regard is just to use it! Trying to break it is welcome, provided you can list a series of steps to reproduce preferably starting with a clear-tape command. If a bug you find isn’t reproduced after clearing the tape, you’re missing some prior step that created the initial erroneous state.

Does that answer your q?


Thanks! Great start to the weekend! BTW, I know this update probably had priority, but is there any news on W/ Type?

Completely, and very helpful to know.

When I create bug tickets at work, I generally include expected result, actual result, and steps-to-reproduce…this helps us write tests and also test that the specific problem experienced is reproduceable and was fixed.

If it was mostly difficult to reproduce and/or intermittent problems (and oh boy do I know about those) then just turning us loose on the firmware is probably the best course.

Thanks again for doing this! Will load and play tonight. xoxo

The infrastructure is all there (including for multi-W/ standalone control), but we haven’t had the time & space to actually design the interactions yet. Once a spec is complete, I imagine the implementation to happen quite rapidly.

Edit: The current very-minimal spec should be merged into the forthcoming teletype 2.3 release.


It’s a 3 day weekend here. Definitely going to give this a run.

i just picked up a second w/ because it’s brought my lofi sampling a lá dr. sample styles into the modular, which has been amazing for me.

to see these bugs in writing really is awesome, since up until now, it was seemingly random for me. rare, but seemingly always to do with moving to a new cue point in the current tape.

i was reluctant to monkey with the card/resetting, as i wasn’t sure it wouldn’t make things worse. this is all reassuring and thanks a lot for the upgrade/update!



Me too, and when I posted on Facebook, it the first thing that was mentioned by another user. Aliasing can be a good thing :slight_smile: Best not to call it aliasing, call it character!


I think it was a bit much for most purposes before. It still gets nicely grungey IMHO. Though if there were an option to switch between the previous and current sound (maybe from W/ Type) I wouldn’t complain :slight_smile:

There are still some free key combos on boot :upside_down_face:

well how is it everyone, better than the original so far?? or should we just wait until its official and not “beta”?

The beta has been well-behaved so far, with a blank tape. But then it was often okay before too with a blank tape – I’d have to use it more to say it’s all taken care of.

Unless you really loved the aliasing or have content on your tapes that you don’t want to potentially lose (and are confident the current version won’t lose it anyway) I’d say there’s probably little risk in trying the beta.

i did it anyways, and i cant even tell if its buggy or not because i still dont know how to use it properly

i did notice that it said when updating it would do the animation only 4 times but mine did the animation like 6+ times, should i be alarmed by that?

So after a few hours using the beta I’ve not encountered any of the bugs I had before. No more rebooting for me. I have not yet gone into cue mode, but for me nav and play are behaving very well.

Great work @Galapagoose! Thank you for taking the time to properly address the issues.


I wouldn’t be. Same here on installation, and all seems good.

it’d be cool to bring back aliasing. we wouldn’t have that beautiful @MengQiMusic video without it :slight_smile:


Just ran into a potential issue after exiting cue mode.

Situation: I was in cue mode, added a new cue and went back to play. The light above ‘loop’ stayed white and I could no longer turn on/off the looping. Only way to get it back was to reset.

So far Cue mode is the only mode that has caused issues with the beta firmware. Nav and Play work like a charm.

@Galapagoose I’ll let you know when I’ve got the exact steps that caused it.

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Been playing around with the beta for a while now. Definitely seems far more stable. Thanks @Galapagoose!

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If you can find a series of steps to repro that particular behaviour I’d be incredibly grateful. I spent many many hours trying to reproduce that exact behaviour to no avail, it always seemed so random to me when it would occur.

Has anyone been having issues with the ‘glitch’ sound appearing on their tapes? I think that’s been ironed out, but want to make sure!

Regarding the aliasing, it may be interesting to note I had the interpolation coefficients back-to-front for above 1x speed recording. It was super broken (and technically not really ‘aliasing’)! Made everyone sound the same. Now it sounds like you. If you want aliasing just use the tape at <1x speed! I’ve been experimenting around 4% speed (0.1v to THAT in NAV) and it’s glorious!


Installed beta fw, recorded and moved through cues and ff rw through points, everything feels flawless, tighter. The character of the sound wasnt really lost with the improved quality imo.

Cue mode is still causing trouble, just got the cant move between cues crash. Here’s what I was doing before it happened:

I recorded and looped some audio.
I wasn’t satisfied with it, so I overdub recorded it into silence.
Then I decided I wanted to delete the cue point at the end of the loop, so that when I made a new recording I would flick up at a new/different end point.
I entered cue mode and fast forwarded towards the end of the loop, hoping to eventually see a yellow light over record and press R to delete the endpoint.
As I got closer to the end(white light getting brighter) I over shot the end and tried to rewind back. I exited cue mode to make sure I was in the same sound space and now loop movement is completely unresponsive.

Additionally, I was playing with a tonal sample in cue mode sequencing with Rene and mistakenly tthopught that I could change the octave of playback by pressing play and up, like in live mode. This seemed to cause a stepped change in volume to the sample. Strange.

Just updated. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but that intermittent animation looked great, made me realise how nice those little leds are, don’t think I’ve seen anything else in euro that looks like that. I forget how beautiful w/ is because it’s so tiny. Will report back after some testing. Thanks again

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