W/ Firmware Update (v1.2.1)

I think it could be partly because the the current bugs are harder to pin down. I found that reporting what happens in CUE in my post was quite hard as I don’t know whether or not it causes less or more confusion about the bug. I can imagine others feel the same way when trying to reproduce a bug that appears at random in CUE. I guess that could explain the lack of reports.

Agreed, but again, the bugs are harder to reproduce. That said, I’ve been on forums (I won’t mention) where users complain, but never try to help fix a bug so I get where you’re coming form. I think we’ve been quite lucky so far to have such a helping community.

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The crash bug or the one where the toggle does not respond until you push it again?

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Just be sure to check it one more time before performing. Whilst running beta 12 I found my w/ had frozen up after a few hours. I wasn’t paying attention so I couldn’t pin point when it happend, but the bug(not as frequent as it used to be) is still in there.

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Totally unresponsive till reboot

ok thanks for that :slight_smile:

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Bumping to keep thread alive.

Anybody made any progress on finding out how to reproduce the CUE mode crash bug?

After a few weeks of terrific performance my W/ got stuck in a loop. I rebooted it and it was stuck in some kind of silent part of the tape.

No big deal, I’ll just reboot again, Izzy is back, where did that come from? Again no big deal I’ll just go past it and get busy again. Nope, Izzy doesn’t want to get beyond reverse playback.

So I reinstalled Beta12, formatted the tape again, and still Izzy does not want to budge beyond “hold down arrow and press play”


Just spent the last 30 minutes trying to escape from Izzy, no luck. I’ve gotten further a couple of times. I’ve erased the tapes more than a few times. I removed the unit from my case and looked for anything that might be obviously loose, nada. I’ve reinstalled the firmware again. I’ll try again in the morning.

I see a mistake I made, instead of erasing the tape (I “thought” I was working from good memory) I held l+r while rebooting instead of down arrow +r. I’ve gotten to the point where Izzy is near the end and wants to exit itself and return to Live mode, but I cannot escape dub mode now.

I can’t really tell you how I got out of Izzy but I did, it came out with a flurry of press play, loop, arrow up and down and finally it gave me the game over message.

While I’m very aware that I pressed l+r at least twice during this exercise I followed that with [down arrow + r] a couple of times too and yet when I finally got out of Izzy all of my previous recordings were still there (I’m grateful in a lot of ways) but I’m confused as to why they’d still be there?

Edit: I cleared/erased the tape for at least the third time, this time after having gotten through Izzy and now the tape is finally blank.

I had similar issues. Nothing personal but kinda scared that Izzy will return again and again… would love an Izzy free firmware. :octopus:

well, starting with loop and record held down is supposed to give you Izzy, not erase any tapes

@alanza That’s what I shared when I realized that the initial mistake was mine. But then I pointed out that there was no leaving Izzy for nearly 45 minutes of doing the same process again and again. While in that process I then rebooted holding [down arrow + r] on two separate occasion and reinstalled firmware Beta12 a few times. When I finally got out of Izzy it was as though I never cleared the tape because all of my material from an hour before was still there.

So with me free of Izzy I rebooted yet again holding [down arrow + r] and that cleared the tape.

This was all because W/ entered some kind of infinite loop I couldn’t escape, that rebooting couldn’t escape the infinite loop mode either which is where the firmware reinstall started and holding down the wrong keys that took me into a looping Izzy that was uncooperative.

I’m just happy to have a functioning W/ again this morning and hope that never happens again.


Finally got around to installing beta12 today. It feels very much more stable. :slight_smile: Got around to playing with W Type too, which is also rather fun.


Is anyone using W/ in a Pittsburgh Modular Structure 208?

I did for a little while, but upgraded to a Structure 360. I can’t recall having any issues with W// in the 208, but I did have all sorts of problems with a batumi.

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This just happened to me, same mistake trying to clear tape but activated and got stuck in Izzy, at the same place “hold down and press play” the audio after just loops forever, and I can only stop the tape and put the instruction sample back in forward motion. Hope I get out soon, and Beta 12 was going so well :frowning:

EDIT: Desperately flicking and hitting loop I got it to move through the uneffected dialogue recordings. Suddenly in the middle of the instructions there was audio pieces I recorded months ago and long deleted, dubbed over izzy. it got to the end where it says GAME OVER, and when I hit play, it took me back to the glitched part of Izzy. Still stuck.

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Any luck after 2 hours?

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@unity2k Yup, just got out of it. I’m pretty sure I hit Record + Up to escape that part. I moved forward until prompted to record audio, where I was met with my old wall of sound. I got stuck here, recorded some audio over, and fiddled with stopping tape and button combos, and somehow got past the sound wall. The rest of the izzy prompts worked as expected, and hitting play at the end released me into the w/ild.

I wonder if its corrputed data from the original version… Have you had yours since the march launch?

Yes mine is from March.