W/ Firmware Update (v1.2.1)

Beta8: NAV mode - cv into THAT can reverse the tape, but unit does not respond to positive voltage (‘play’ light does not illuminate and tape does not move).

Not experienced in earlier betas.

Can you try erasing the tape and see if it helps? I think this could be a different issue with the module booting up into a bogus cue point past the real end of the tape. I’ve seen that recently but couldn’t reproduce when I moved onto fixing that…

I just tried this with Beta8 too and erased the tape on boot, recorded new audio and I’m not getting forward play either.

So I erased it again recorded a bit of audio and added a cue point. Rewound to the cue point and allowed the audio to play so I knew I was well past the first cue point, stopped play and plugged in Cold Mac to That and while it can control reverse play the W/ will not play forward until I unplug the input to That.

Just tried here as well and it did not fix the issue. The behavior changed somewhat, but it would be difficult to describe. I will try to record a short video.


This is a bit all-over-the-place, so apologies for the length; however, I think it captures the behavior.
At times, positive CV into THAT appears to work, but when the tape hits a few different points, it stops functioning properly.

The video shows the behavior with and without loop engaged.

If I’d have made a video of mine, you’d see the exact same behavior.

Thanks both. I’ll investigate further, but guessing it’s something pretty surface. I changed a silly amount of stuff for this last beta and there’s likely something dumb going on.

Best for folks to wait for beta9 before providing more reports I’d say.


Regarding the last-cue-location on powercycle, it’s not working here for me on Beta8.

Starting with a blank tape after starting with Down + Record to erase things, I then added a few cues before recording audio in. Recorded 4 different sounds with about 6 more cues and then backed up 2 and powered down. My unit is starting from the first cue every time I power it back on.

Now I know you said hold off till Beta9, but I thought you’d like reports back on the actual problem that should have been fixed instead of ongoing issues you didn’t say were fixed.

I’m on the next to last beta and have noticed the same problem a few times: in NAV, THAT only responds to negative voltages. Power cycle fixes it.
So maybe the problem wasn’t introduced in the latest beta.

Should be noted that power cycle does not fix the issue in Beta8.

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I updated my with to the beta and now it loads izzy every time I boot it up. Am I missing something simple :sweat: or is this a firmware issue? Has anyone had this happen to them before?

I think somebody upthread was able to solve this issue by reinstalling the firmware? can’t hurt to try anyway

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Allo. Beta9 posted above. Apologies that b8 was so broken, I had posted it in a rush and hadn’t done the usual testing.

This release fixes:

  • last-active-cue is correctly restored between power cycles. finally? hopefully?
  • fixed a really gnarly bug that was stopping forward playback from working in NAV.THAT (it was also trashing data at random locations on the sd card…)

General behaviour seems to be stable, thanks for update!
Had a crash btw, while running WS.CUE RRND -1 1 for few mins


Haven’t had a chance to fully test beta9 yet, but last active cue point is retained after power cycle!

Can you be a little more specific?

  1. Did Teletype crash too? Only W/? Both?
  2. What kind of ‘crash’ was it?
    2a: Did everything become unresponsive (you likely would have heard a high-pitched sound too)?
    2b: Was it just an SD-card crash (UI keeps responding, but audio playback is messed up. audio monitoring continues to work).

Could you post the TT script that crashed the module? That way I can test it here & attempt to reproduce.

Sorry this isn’t a bug, but, so far, beta9 has been stable. I didn’t try any funny business, but it ran in LIVE mode for more than an hour without a freeze.

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Only w/ “crashed”
The yellow led over loop button stops working, so loop on/off breaks after some change cue actions in NAV mode. This also happend few times while manually changing cue points in NAV (tried to go to first cue from last, hitting loop+down many times)
Teletype script was just that line and param knob controlling metronome speed.

Great and thanks. I’ve been tracking that very bug down this soon-to-be-stormy saturday afternoon :slight_smile:. Mostly glad it’s an issue in the Cue system, and not I2C.


Beta10 posted.

Fixes the bug where having CV into THIS & THAT while flicking between LIVE & NAV could crash. In fixing this I also caught a bunch of other edge cases in the LIVE.THIS cue-jump mechanism, particularly when playing in reverse.

Otherwise this beta fixes a few bugs where the first cue per tape couldn’t be looped in reverse in some cases.