W/ Firmware Update (v1.2.1)


It feels like you’re getting to the end of the journey here - are there specific corner cases or certain types of dynamic usage you’d like testers to focus on now?



A box-fresh, never used /w

Installed beta 10 as the very first operation. Turned the case off and on.

Seems to be a bug in getting through the guide.


I’ve been pretty solely focused on edge-cases myself, so I’d actually prefer people to just use it in creative ways and see if it breaks. I’ve hardly had any time to use W/ in a musical context since release, so I’d appreciate your musical explorations!

Alas, I haven’t looked at ‘Izzy’ since we launched really, so it certainly needs some attention before 1.1. I appreciate the very clear video!


I dont know but seems like tape delay mode is broken, in live mode positive cv into THAT makes nothing, also white led above rec button doesnt lit.


It’s working fine for me here. Can you try clearing your tape? Or any other details of what’s going on?


beta11 posted:

  • adds a number of synchronization checks to Izzy to make sure the button presses match up with expected UI combos.
  • FIX previously CV into THAT could cause tape-switching to fail or freak out.


ah, great. 11 is much better than 10 !
I only managed to break CV into THAT in LIVE mode the first time after cleaning the tape.
After restart, w/ was stable.
30 min of heavy use without any problems.

btw: its such a joy in 2hp. wonderful with contact mics.


nwm, beta 11 works fine :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking forward to pushing hard into Beta11 after I get home on Tuesday from this quick trip to Los Angeles…can’t believe that I leave for a long weekend and 3 updates come out while I’m away!


Do you have steps for how I might be able to reproduce this? I’d really like to avoid this altogether, and things that happen on first use are even more important in my mind!

  • Upload Beta 11
  • erase tape
  • press play
  • after 1 sec press rec
  • during rec set several cue down
  • after 1 min set cue up to loop
  • hold loop and move between cue’s
  • connect MAC to THAT (at this point it was still working)
  • hold loop and move between cue’s
    If I remember at this point THAT stoped recognized CV in. However, in NAV mode CV in was working. Switching to LIVE mode not.
  • restart and play for 30min without problems. + had another long session without any problems. So far, I only use CV in THAT and only switching between LIVE and NAV mode. I will upload beta 11 again and try to repeat this.


I’ve also seen CV into this and that intermittently failing on the latest beta. Struggling to tell what causes it - but it’s happened twice now.

I was using play mode - and noticed that I wasn’t able to punch in and out of recording using cv, and wasn’t able to set the overdub level. The led that usually gives visual feedback about the overdub level was also not responding.


not sure but i have the feeling it’s related to jumps between cue’s (LOOP+UP/DOWN). Sometimes it creates as well clicks in the loop which haven’t been there before. Will try to replicate.


When CV doesn’t work correctly, does it stay that way until you power cycle, or does it start working again somehow? Does it not work in only one mode, or does the whole jack become unresponsive.

When the LIVE.THAT jack stopped working, was the yellow-record-light off, or did it seem locked at a previous point from before it stopped working?


For me the yellow light was off entirely. I didn’t see it resume working - but I also power cycled pretty quickly.

One thing I noticed was that I was back to start of the tape after power cycling in this state.


LIVE THAT: yellow light off. only with restart was working again. However, in NAV mode, lights and function were working normally. Keep in mind, this happens to me only 1 time with beta 11.
Did anybody notice a clicking noise appearing in loop mode after navigating between cue’s ?
I will do tonight a session and see if i can brack CV to THAT again. As well look closer to the clicking noise.


no success breaking THAT or any other function. Very stable now.
However, not a bug but an observation is that a trigger into THIS (in NAV) breaks the flow as W/ jumps to another cue. To me, it would make much more sense if a trigger with CV offset would jump within the loop which is playing. (optional chosen in the global menu). What I am doing now is unplug the cable from THIS each time switching to NAV (while recording) and plug back in LIVE mode to punch in/out.


i updated to the first few betas, but since i kept having the same fundamental problems i decided to skip a few to wait until things improved.

here’s the issue i was having: in live mode, adding a second cue and looping with the toggle switch while recording would get the unit hopelessly stuck in loop mode, and the recording would be compressed into the millisecond before the second cue point.

if i remember correctly, this issue was coming up for several other people earlier in the development process. does anyone know if this has been fixed? i’m planning on loading up the latest beta this evening; if the issue is persisting i’ll try to make a video to explain.

thank you all so much for all of your hard work on this development!


It sounds like you’re describing the “SD driver crashes” bug. I haven’t had it happen to me at all for the past few betas! Doesn’t necessarily mean the bug is totally fixed, but I think you could expect to not see it as much


Noone has reported it since about beta5 (we’re on b11 now), so I’m guessing (hoping, really) it’s fixed. If anyone is still experiencing that crash I’d really appreciate you mentioning!