W/ Firmware Update (v1.2.1)


ah that’s great news, thanks! i think i have b4 installed now. i’ll update tonight and keep you posted.


sadly i do not recall the beta version i am using but i have been abusing /w with teletype for the last week or so and it has performed flawlessly. just wanted to throw that out there.


Beta11: turned on system and let sit for over two hours before I finally got to it. The W/ was unresponsive. Nothing plugged in, nothing on a tape yet as I updated and reformatted two days ago before being able to play with it again.


What did the lights show?
By unresponsive you mean, absolutely nothing happened? No response to presses at all?


No response with just one light illuminated, top left if I’m not mistaken.

New issue; while That is now working “mostly” great I have come upon a minor inconvenience.

Nav Mode: Cold Mac into That. Play tape forward, back, forward, back and all is good.

Allow to play forward and press Loop and Up a few times maybe half a dozen times and That stops playing reverse though it keeps working forward.

Unplug That, play forward, plug That back in and CV control resumes with forward and reverse working again until I press Loop and Up a number of times.


Can I confirm you mean you cleared the tape on W/? Or did you format the SD card with a computer?

Thanks for the report on NAV.THAT - I’ll try and track that issue down asap.


I think half your battle is getting us to communicate in a common language.

Cleared the tape as I’m not interested in formatting the card.

Now that I have some recordings on the tape and cue points I’m going to unplug everything, power down and restart the system. I’ll leave it on for the next two hours while I step out and will report if it’s alive when I return.


I should also report that my W/ is starting up on the Cue point from where it shut down instead of the first one.


beta 11: in NAV mode, if i plug a dummy cable (nothing on the other end) in to THAT, the tapes starts moving at about 0.8x (estimated)

Note: same issue in PLAY MODE, with a dummy in THAT, pushing the record into “destructive looper” territory


Also noticed this and forgot to report it. Wasn’t aware of it in previous betas as I don’t think I’d plugged in a dummy.


beta 11: in NAV mode, noticing that THAT stops responding to negative voltages when you hit the beginning of the tape (actually nothing will move the tape backwards again, even when down on the switch). You can mode forward again, but need to hit play or manually advance the tape with the switch, before you can NAV backward again. probably a safe guard to prevent going before 0 on the tape, flag needs to be cleared with positive voltage as well, seems to be clearing with certain panel ui elements)

all of these are with a fresh tape on b11

(edited to remove possible false alarm bug 2)


Came back to my W/ still functioning after letting it sit from a powered on state for nearly two hours. I might try later tonight or tomorrow to clear the tape, power it on and test again.


This has been true since 1.0. It’s on the list but will likely be fixed in a future update, not 1.1.

Noted & observed. It’s on my list of fixes.

I’d appreciate this. It’s a behaviour that hasn’t been documented so far in the thread afaik, and it obviously takes a long time to test which could be spent fixing other bugs!


Testing the behavior now.


Unit is still behaving as normal. Will run this test again Thursday morning and again in the afternoon.

(Edit) Thursday morning update: still no issue with a freeze after sitting for nearly two hours.


What’s interesting is that I have two units still on the original shipped firmware and one of them does this but not the other. Left on unused one goes unresponsive and one stays functioning.

Waiting for the updates to settle until installing new FW.


Afternoon test and after about an hour the top left orange light turned off and the unit is unresponsive. No combination of plugging in cables, button presses, or button presses and toggles woke it.

Edit: Strangely enough I powered it off and back on but no lights came back and buttons were unresponsive. I powered down again and back on but this time it is working.

Three more power cycles and it comes up every time.

Edit: If this happens again tonight, I’m leaving it on for the next 5 hours and I won’t touch it, I’ll test it with another power supply.


beta12 posted

  • FIX cv functions in LIVE mode no longer stop working after hitting the start or end of tape
  • FIX NAV.THAT now checks if the cv level can free a tape locked at the start/end. This solves the problem where negative voltages wouldn’t work before physically pressing the play button.

Thanks for the reports on this. I appreciate the thoroughness and it definitely helps to track down the issues!

There’s one more sd-card crash I’m seeing in CUE mode before I’m going to call this a release candidate for 1.1


I can finally say wholeheartedly that I’m seriously super impressed with W/.

When it’s working like it is now and I can put layer upon chopped up and retimed layer without hiccups the W/ shines.

As this moves to official firmware 1.1 I hope that the community continues to feedback and that we will see a 1.2 later this year that would smooth out any lingering issues that may hold on.

If this were the unit I originally bought I would have not had a complaint in the world.


yeah 2 solid hours of noodling and exploring the different modes and CV. no issues.

let us know if there is anything specific to test in the RC.

really fun module