W/ Firmware Update (v1.2.1)


Recieved my w/ today and happy to see this development peak.
Just a quick question, when playing beta12 in, will i still have to go through izzy tutorial? If so, are the „got stuck“ issues sorted too?


since presumably you got your W/ secondhand, you don’t have to play Izzy, but I’d recommend it. I never experienced the getting stuck bug when I played them.


It looks like a lot of progress was made towards getting W/ stable. This is exciting! I’ll probably have to get one soon. I can’t wait to see the Teletype integration flourish.


I’ve always been really curious about getting a Teletype and starting to work in that codeworld, but this is really what’s almost pushing me to the edge. I just got a second W/ (secondhand) and the thought of diving in and running them without the still-developing muscle memory is a great temptation.


Just encountered the CUE mode bug a couple of times from the top post in beta 12 (also with a fresh tapes)

video: https://streamable.com/ijxtj

It happens to me when I toggle backwards(never had it going forward). The strange thing is it doesn’t happen right away, some times I have to really try my best to make it happen(it seems to happen more often if you use the same tape and not a fresh one). Eventually the light above record turns white and the module freezes.

I could be wrong but I think what’s happening is that somehow creates a tiny loop and that causes the module to crash. Perhaps it doesn’t always register the loop’s new start point so it automatically creates a new one too close to the end point? It always happens right after letting go of the toggle.

The reason I believe it’s a tiny loop is because when it crashes on a part with audio you can hear this micro looped sound, and when it crashes on a silent part there’s no sound.

One other thing to point out. In cue mode the toggle sometimes does not work right away. I press it up (or down) and the record light turns to white, but the lights above play are not responsive(you can see this happen in the video)


Been away from using my 'w/ 'for a few weeks. I need to catch up and install the latest Beta version, someone please direct me to this link with any important instructions. It sound like things have improved since my last install a few weeks ago. Thanks.


All the info is in the top post. Things have definitely improved! NAV and PLAY work great for me now, but CUE, as mentioned above, is still giving me some trouble.


Thank you, will try it today.


I’m looking forward to the firmware being pushed to version 1.1, but I’m not seeing much of anything regarding feedback going to Whimsical Raps regarding Beta12.

Maybe everyone is PM’ing their feedback? Maybe sending emails?

After the clamor of initial mixed reactions I thought there would be more people interested in helping the process of maturing the firmware so everyone can start ripping into W/? But in the past two weeks since Beta12 was released only three of us have really given any feedback at all on the latest release?

Shouldn’t confirmation of functionality be offered up or identification of any remaining issues be posted up here?


I imagine there’s some fatigue. It’s also possible it’s a lot more solid :slight_smile:

What testing steps have you been following in your Beta12 testing? Having a workflow to work from might help some of us cover some ground.


I think my reluctance to post here stems from the fact that I still haven’t really explored CUE mode very much, so my assessment would therefore feel incomplete. It’s on my list!

To the extent that it’s helpful, I’ll say that both LIVE and NAV modes have given me no issues whatsoever since installing beta 12 —this feels like a big breakthrough to me, especially after racking my second w/ this week.


I’m on the latest firmware beta but i haven’t had any problems since my use has been very limited and my exploration timid.


While i haven’t done much with Cue mode, everything else has been solid for me.


Firmware update fatigue is a real thing. Community driven development sometimes lacks structured smoke and regression testing since people will mainly want to check the functions they use.

As an observer, I think it seems like Whimsical is ‘letting the smoke clear’ and that the firmware is somewhat solid?


v12 has been solid for me but i’ve not been using cue mode. This is the most stable one by far. No issues for me. My biggest complaint previously was it going to sleep after x amount of minutes and getting stuck in a loop. They were the reason why i wouldn’t perform live with it - now i would.


Installed and briefly tried b12 the other night, no issues, though it was just basic recording and looping. Been timid to explore further too.


I’ve had this issue couple of times, but mine happend when i was moving forward thru tape in cue mode (L+up). Also, second w/, which is not connected to TT, got crashed few times, while not being used. It was totally unresponsive, not that kind of “stuck in loop” crash.


About the same for me. Those errors i experience are likely user errors and i know better then to spam with those here. Taking baby steps in learning w/. I have no clue about cue mode yet but want to try erasing cues soon and will report if i encounter problems


I think it could be partly because the the current bugs are harder to pin down. I found that reporting what happens in CUE in my post was quite hard as I don’t know whether or not it causes less or more confusion about the bug. I can imagine others feel the same way when trying to reproduce a bug that appears at random in CUE. I guess that could explain the lack of reports.

Agreed, but again, the bugs are harder to reproduce. That said, I’ve been on forums (I won’t mention) where users complain, but never try to help fix a bug so I get where you’re coming form. I think we’ve been quite lucky so far to have such a helping community.


The crash bug or the one where the toggle does not respond until you push it again?