W/ Firmware Update (v1.2.1)


There goes my morning…


It’s great with sample driven stuff


v1.2 release candidate posted up top.

Adds a new feature to allow selection of alternate CV functionality in LIVE. See the docs for more details.
Of course a slew of bug fixes are included too (particularly in CUE mode).


20 chars of Whhhhaaaat?! :exploding_head:


and 20 chars of Wow!


Wowee! This is amazing!


wtf!! this is nuts. excited to explore!


Haven’t wrapped my head around the cv captioning option, but damn! This is so exciting I nearly started jumping up and down. So rad so rad so rad.


woohoo! congrats on the new release. happy to see those jacks sharing their secrets with the world :wink:


thanks - can’t wait to dig in. cv recording in sync w audio?!?


wowww this is going to be wild. thanks for the continuing work on this! a lot of these new features are things i’d wished for working on lots of w/ based music recently, so i’m quite excited!


Wow, this sounds amazing, thanks for the hard work. Any estimate of when orders might re-open? I’m clamoring for one.


Wow all the awesome!! I’m looking forward to trying these out.


wild !
Thanks to keep this little thing amazing !


Send THIS to Cold Mac’s Survey input for a set of loop-locked modulation signals.

This excites me to no end.


this is like everything i could have possibly hoped to get out of this module, and it was already great. thanks for all the effort.


Yeah, I think I had been dreaming of modes along the lines of Transport and Signal without really understanding what I was looking for. Now, REALITY.


i’m also super curious about this - i’m wondering if the ramp’s length is affected by play speed (i.e., slower play speed = longer ramp). i had thought of a cue point as a point (with the lights just notifying me of when one was coming up), not really something with a start and end.


fridays are one of my free days so i’m already playing with the new firmware:

the right w/ is in signal mode, with THIS going to Cold Mac as suggested, then that goes off to Sisters and Clouds. It’s not super obvious in this clip because i’m not changing speeds, but I can confirm the ramp length is affected by play speed.

left w/ is a clocked delay, with THIS from sample mode, and THAT from dub mode


Those of us with more than one W/, the idea of cross patching for mutual modulation sounds kind of amazing.