W/ Firmware Update (v1.2.1)


woah. Christmas truly came early for me!


just do be sure: THIS and THAT are fixed in there modes ?
lets say i would like to have a looper with overdub (THAT) and vari speed control (THIS):
THAT in dub mode for overdub (normal)
THIS in transport mode for speed control (which is normaly THAT)


It looks like THIS/THAT can either be grouped using the pre-set pairs, or you can split them and assign different behaviors from the various Selector modes. So, based on my reading of the docs, you should be able to accomplish what you laid out in your post. Looks like, once you’re in the Selector, you press and hold an initial mode which is assigned to THIS, after which you assign a different mode to THAT. I think :slight_smile:

EDIT: See @voidstar’s clarification below!


You can only use THIS modes on THIS, and THAT modes on THAT.

You can’t combine transport.THAT and dub.THAT, however you can do the splits to get transport.THIS and dub.THAT!


Thanks, thats what i thought.
So it dosen’t matter pluging the cable into THIS or THAT, both just access the CV control mode.

very happy with the update


Amazing update! Have been playing with signal mode, processing CV through cold mac as suggested and it’s really great. That gate output when it hits a cue point is super useful too - in this patch I used it to advance a bass sequence (ansible - levels)


This is such a good day! Can’t wait to get into it. What a small package of surprises this module is. It’s been a game changer for me and I’ve loved it from day one. Thank you!


Just updated. When I hold record and insert a cable into either THIS or THAT nothing happens with the lights. I guess my update hasn’t worked for some reason?

I’ve tried going back to version 1 of the firmware and then to this one with no joy either. If anyone has any ideas what might be happening it would be really appreciated :slight_smile: very excited to explore the wonderful new features!

EDIT: I’m in! Somehow…mother dog, this is AMAZING! :pray:t2:


Ough and i havent even fully understood the latest beta i am on.

Has there been implemented a more simple way for quick correction of cue points along the way? Erase / move? Sorry… i am a bit behind with my studies but i always ran into the situation of being unable to correct cues if set wrongly in a loop scenario.


I updated to the latest and I still get super loud clicks on loop points and often at other points in the recording too. I’m using quite attenuated sound sources, so it should definitely not be a headroom issue. I got that with the previous version too.

Is that a known issue ?


That’s what CUE Mode is for!

When you are in NAV mode, you can enter CUE mode by pressing LOOP+RECORD. The manual has more info for moving, deleting, adding and auditioning cue points once you are in CUE mode!


This new update is really cool. I can’t wait to see what you will all come up with!


This update sure presents a lot of new possibilities, wow. I remember speculating about bi-directional jacks and here it is. Wondering how this will interact with W/ Type down the road.

Looking forward to playing with CV recording and using gate outs on cue points (reminds me of phonogene/morphagene).


Thank you!!! The combo of THIS in the sample cue reset with THAT in the dub feedback cv control is exactly what I’ve been wishing that w/ could do!

I really appreciate all the work the team has put in on this!

Cv captioning looks awesome too! What is the sampling resolution on cv?


CV captioning is ~900Hz at 1x playback speed. There’s no smoothing (read: antialiasing) on recording, but that will come in time.


If it’s not too much trouble from an engineering or interface standpoint, making this setable would be neat. Slow playback = staircase/zipper modulation!


this firmware is so cool! here i’m using signal mode for THIS (ramp output at each cue point) and dub mode for THAT (feedback control).

the ramp is clocking pam’s workout in time with the loop (which is triggering the two-voice just friends sequence) and opening three sisters in time with the loop. i’m using channel 3 of maths to control the loop’s feedback/overwrite. this is exactly the kind of thing i’ve wanted to do with w/ since i got it plugged in - thanks so much @Galapagoose !


Using SAMPLE - THIS/THAT : how does record work here?

I notice when I send a trigger to THIS not only PLAY but also RECORD is triggered. Not sure I totally understand this - I didn’t ever use CUE mode before so I’m not sure whether this behaviour is normal


Sounds like it could be a bug as that seems like the dub function of THIS. Will investigate this (and any other reported bugs) on Monday when I’m back in the workshop.


Hey @Galapagoose, great update!!

I’m in Signal This and Sample That mode and am trying to use play+up/down to shift octaves but it doesn’t work. is this the intended behavior?