W/: ideas

[borrowing approach from ^^ crow: ideas]

Given the plethora of i2c commands available in the upcoming W/2 firmware, I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread to spec out app ideas for W/.

What can we come up w/ W/ and, what? crow, norns, Teletype, Max for Live, more W/s — much is on the table.




Quoting from the crow thread:


I’ll start by parapharsing myself from the W/2 beta thread:

W/Tape — tape sequencer

A recording process where the tape head skips around in a programmatic and/or stochastic way (modulate timestamp ?); tape speed ( freq ) and erase head ( rec_level ) could also be sequenced.

Imagine keys, drums, or even a human voice cut up, splayed, stretched, layered, and re- and/or de-constructed along some portion of the W/ tape… 2 HP Cubism.

This could be accomplished in crow, norns, or Teletype.


Haven’t tried the new beta fw yet. For tt and w/ I always want something like:
WS.TIME -2 to 2 //control the playback speed
Even better with slew control on change of speed:
WS.SLEW 500 //slew the speed 500 sec

I love the simplicity of the M4L ^^W_Synth. I’d love to see a M4L ^^W_Tape device as well. Maybe something similar to the functions of Morphagene. Being able to midi map 4 knobs to tape speed, loop length, loop start, and “slide” window within the loop. Basically a 4hp morphagene max 4 live device :pray:

Even better! If the device also took the synced pulse out feature from Lubadh. So maybe all 4 outs (or an out of your choice) of crow (or W/'s this and that) could send time division clocked pulses/lfos in sync with the loop.


That sound like an awesome crow script too! 4 inputs mapped to the 4 parameters, plus 4 outs for all the extra goodies!