W/ - non-responsive

So I had an issue where my w/ got stuck in izzy. Reloaded the firmware, cleared the tape, still no dice. So I reformatted the SD card without going through the whole shenanigans of copying the Official Image because I don’t need izzy anymore, just wanted to get it back working. So I cleared the card and formatted it FAT32 from a mac—so it was MS-DOS (FAT). It’s no longer in Izzy of course and there’s some lights, and I’m able to hear sound through it but play and record are non-responsive. Cleared the tape just for good measure and was able to do that (meaning there’s nothing wrong with play or record buttons/LEDs). I could go more into the behavior before I reformatted the SD card but idk if that’s relevant. Plz help I’m sad without me loops.

since formatting it, have you installed the firmware?

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Sounds like your SD card is having trouble initializing (it works, but it’s taking too long, and W/ times out). We’re about to start testing of a firmware update to solvethis issue currently. Apologies I dont have a better solution right now.


sorry to bother, I have no concept of how long these things take XP just curious if there’s any solution as of yet. i don’t have another SD card of the specs required to try, but would switching SD cards be a good idea, or pointless?

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same problem with my w/ – LOOOOVE it…but really bummed out it just freezes…and then I have to hard reboot, at which point it either

A) is unresponsive, NO lights, or

B) goes into Izzy mode “stuck looping” etc etc .

Hoping this new firmware solves all this…?? Mannequins have been cool – I have had problems w the unit from the start – I sent it back – they swapped in a new SD card and maybe updated it?? It then worked for several months but then…

Hoping the best , it’s an EXCELLENT performance tool when firing on all cylinders !!


It’s been heavily implied this update may be coming within a week… fingers crossed that’s the big reveal for next week’s Maps episode…


Had some similar problems with mine. Really excited for the new firmware!

Oddly, just started this problem out of the blue today.

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