W/ w/ - a new EP made w/ w/


After February’s Telemetry EP (Telemetry EP - Short EP created with Teletype and Elements), I’ve released a new similar counterpart, w/ w/. This entire EP is made w/, you guessed it, w/. Sometimes, w//. Rings and Marbles make up the voice and sequencer, while Unfiltered Audio, Valhalla, and Izotope make up the post-processing.



this is a complete sentence.

edit: oh gosh, this first track is devastating. holy hell, Michael.


You rock! Thank you so much.


Did you wind up keeping a w/? If i’m not mistaken you sold a pair, correct? Which isn’t to say that you couldn’t record a thing before parting w/ a tool, but was curious (as I’m digging what I’m hearing) what led to that decision?


I posted the pair for sale after some initial frustrations w/ the firmware and w/ my slashes expander (it didn’t work). Someone offered to buy one, so I ended up working w/ just that and found it to be much more comfortable. I think w/nter is the only track that makes use of w//. I’ll probably end up w/ a second once the firmware solidifies a bit.


I think mine started on track 2, but holy shit yes track 1so good!


Sweet, I grabbed one as well, and almost had two headed my way when I thought the mailman had dumped it in a ditch or something (that got sorted out and I cancelled the 2nd order). I agree, while I love the general feature set, I still find myself tiptoeing around some of the more expansive features which I think have a greater probability of tripping w/ up in its current form. In that way I think a second would currently just be inviting a heavier critique of the problems, while 1 is currently just so fun I can overlook the issues that have come my way.


Hah! I had made “w/sdom” the featured track, but I’ll change it to “w/llkommen” after your reviews. I mastered it hotter than I typically do, so I had a weird hesitance to make that the preview track.

Yeah, I’m in pretty much the same situation here. I tried to use more CV w/ w//, and that’s what’s currently causing the most crashes. The other problem is that it’s a lot harder to keep mental track of where your cues are when managing two, and one of the major bugs occurs when you are navigating past the last cue. I’m very interested to see how they interact once the full feature set is unleashed and after everything is stable.


Instant purchase. Sounds rad!


Wonderful - that first track has balls, superb


this is fantastic. nice work!


Loving it! These are sounds I’ve been craving


Oof, really enjoying this. Didn’t know Rings could sound like this!


Really nice work! Makes me want to finish my studio move so I can get back to my w/


Jeeze, this was awesome to wake up to. Thanks everyone!

@philmaguire: Two tricks… 1) A lot of this is a function of heavily abusing the pitch (tape speed) functions on w/. 2) I typically process Rings like I would a guitar. There are overdrives and exciters on nearly every track. “w/llkommen” makes heavy use of SpecOps as well.

I also forgot that I used Plaits on “w/ndmill”. On that track, I used a slow random impulse from one of the noise modes to excite Rings. That was how I got that weird “pick being dragged across the string” sound.


Pretty sounds Michael!


Thanks, @charlieroberts! I’m working on integrating Gibberwocky and Tidalcycles into my setup. The next EP may be more code-based. Having a huge MIDI converter (Squarp Hermod) has brought me back to that realm.

Are you going to be at the MAT EOYS? Curtis is bringing me out for a lecture, and then the EOYS ended up being scheduled for the same day.

EDIT: For anyone else reading, EOYS is the End of Year Show for our alma mater, MAT (Media Arts and Technology) at UC Santa Barbara. It’s open to the public and is pretty much the only way to get to see the Allosphere. The program’s webpage is https://www.mat.ucsb.edu/ but this year’s EOYS details haven’t been posted. It’s on campus on June 1st and at SBCast in Santa Barbara on June 2nd. Curtis Roads is giving a live performance at SBCast that evening.


I have a wedding the weekend before up in the Bay Area, but am hoping I will be back in Santa Barbara at that point. Will keep you posted; would love to see your lecture and catch up!


I’m really enjoying this. Thank you.


This is seriously good stuff! Favourite track: W/sdom :slight_smile: