Walk screw holes

I just wanted to check if the screw holes in Walk are compatible with TipTop and the other cases and racks without floating nuts? I am in the middle of rearranging my 252 to make room for the new Earthsea but unless I have it on the same row as the rest of the Monome modules, I lose another HP… I don’t think Switch has this issue but TT does and Walk came along at the same time…

Walk has hole positions compatible with fixed rails.

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I do have a similar issue with my White Whale’s screw holes - they don’t align to my rails, so I have to shift the module a bit to the right and I lose 1 HP.

Here’s what it looks like with my µZeus + any of my other module (here a MI Branches):

Things are aligned.

But with the White Whale, it’s not aligned:

Note that with the Switch, it’s aligned:

Am I missing something here?

Same here, quite annoying.


I’m not sure how feasible it would be, but a single panel to mount the TT, the trinity modules and a Walk would be ideal for me.

Get a drill out and open up the holes a bit.

i apologize for the trouble. at this point drilling out the plates is the best option. this is very easy using a dremel-- aluminum is very soft. even a small circular hand file will work.

i’d be happy to supply replacement plates when/if they are available. we expected to run more of these modules but we simply haven’t moved enough units to merit second orders of plates. if we get to that point i’ll order extra for replacements.


I didn’t realize a circular hand file would do it. I’m going to try that; thanks!

I have a similiar issue with my newly acquired Teletype. At first, it seemed impossible to screw in all 4 screws into a rack without sliding nuts, because of the position of the holes (which is a bit absurd, given the holes are made extra large in width which normally helps in such a situation). I was finally able to screw them in but under fear that the screws get damaged or bend or even the frontpanel bends.

I’m going to adjust the holes with a hand file, no big issue.
But you may want to recalibrate those holes for fixed rack inlets.

Edit: Was acquired second hand.

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Same. Ended up only using 2 screws on the TT. Don’t want to mess with files and stuff.

I have fixed rails in my cases and the solution I used was to cut the rails instead of drilling out the panels.

I pulled the rails out of the case (4ms modular row in my instance) and cut each rail into two piece. One piece was about the width of the trilogy modules combined, the other was the remainder of the row. For the shorter “trilogy” piece I cut off 1-2 screw holes to give me left/right slop for just those modules… it worked great.

Yeah, did same with my first row which also has AS modules. Not sure I would want to do that again. I cut in to a lot of pieces though, to be flexible.

Proper thread necro here…

Was there ever a solution to this other than drilling faceplates? I’m using WW and ES in a small case and they’re costing me 1HP which effectively becomes 2HP given most modules are even numbered HP wise. If there’s a better option it would let me fit in some much needed VCAs!

dremel makes them fit cleanly. or cutting your fixed rails into segments.

i can open-source the old panels if people want to get custom ones made (not sure where in low quantity?)

i just got a cheap, small, round diamond file for a couple of dollars to make the holes slightly bigger. works a treat and is not visible once you screw the module back into the case. really only takes minutes.

but for some, making custom panels through a place like https://www.frontpanelexpress.com/ will be the preferred option, so thank you @tehn for willing to open-source the panel designs!

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ok, i’ll add it to my list!

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FYI, I changed the rails in my Doepfer low cost cases over to sliding nuts. You want DIN 562 M3 nuts.

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