War of the worlds

My wife and I are putting on a production of an adaptation she wrote of war of the worlds about 2 months from now. you can read it here if you like this show (for our theatre) will focus on tech and sound.

We will be building the tripods ten feet high (our peach for james and the giant peach a couple years back was 12 feet high) and there will be several of them.

I also want sound to be a focus for this show sci-fi has always been a great place for wonderfully strange noises. If you are familiar and want to make anything like sounds for tripod communication, tripod movement, martians, heat ray blasts, the black fog, the red moss, UFO crash and plenty more let me know I’d love to hear anything

I’ll be using some Ciat-lonbarde stuff to make it otherwise which should work out but I thought I should ask

this is the poster we put together quickly but as you can see it could also use some work

if anyone wants to help with that let me know there are a couple things we have to include

Looks like a fun project!

A while ago I was experimenting with some recordings of parcel tape - time stretching, pitch shifting etc, and by a happy accident created some sounds reminiscent of the WOTW tripod horn. I can’t find the original sounds from the 1953 version, but I think the sound originated there…?

Feel free to use it if it works: