Warm Human - Ghastly

Hi gang!
Wanted to create a thread for Ghastly (at the urging of @dan_derks).

Here’s some fun facts:
The album was written mostly during 2018, with the oldest songs birthday in December of 2017, the newest October of 2018.

The hardware used was primarily my Yamaha DX7, my Moog Sub Phatty and the TC-Helicon Voicelive Touch 2. And I use Ableton as my DAW of choice.

Ghastly was written while I was beginning to process an extremely toxic relationship, and the ramifications of that relationship in my life and person.

It’s been an incredibly beautiful, maddening and vulnerable project. I’m so excited to share.



Really beautiful stuff! Thank you for sharing.

and a bit more reading here!


I’ve been meaning to seek out this work, having recently marathon’d through every episode of “sound and process” ever. How convenient that it should actually exist now!


this is really great! congrats

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…Synthpop Crooner…

I think some folks work their whole careers to be called a crooner publicly and you got it in one of your first articles. good work!


nb: it was @joshhh who prompted the ask for a standalone thread! he is v sweet

listening now, I’m realizing how I’ve heard 9 different versions of this album and each iteration features new decisions and pivot points (Eat’s changes are most striking – you pushed that song right where it needed to be. gd). absolutely insane and I love it. was reminded to merge this exchange into this thread from elsewhere:


this record has eaten days of my life.

thank you.


I started listening to this after the live sound + process show. I really like this album!


this is the best thing ever thank you

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praise to jah thank you for listening!!!