Warp sequencer -- python-based midi sequencer

an old boss has been working on this project to create a sequencing environment that takes some of the concepts of ableton (clips, scenes) and the cirklon/elektron boxes and adds some programming concepts. I’ve been messing around with the beta a little bit and it’s a lot of fun–it reminds me a bit of using the teletype or writing some crow code as a sequencer. What’s neat is that since it is midi you can have a lot of voices, and the clips/scenes makes it pretty easy to craft parts…also it’s just python and open source, so you don’t have to purchase anything to get going with it.

all the docs and install instructions are here https://warpseq.com/

here’s a demo track I made with it:

and here’s the code used to sequence the 5 voices: https://bitbucket.org/laserllama/warpseq/src/master/examples/api_demo_tracks/JM_fields.py

I’m happy to answer any questions that arise (or ask the creator if I can’t figure it out). Right now it’s just the python api so it can be a little bit quirky to use, but we’ve been discussing possibilities for either a web or curses-based terminal UI that will be able to do real-time updates of the sequences/transforms.


I played with it, or rather tried to. I do like the idea, but this projects needs a lot of love. (I will try to contribute as soon as I have some free time/resources)

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Yep, it’s definitely being actively worked on so it can be a bit quirky…I think it is installable from pip instead of source so that part is a little easier now

Yep, look at the norns musicutil class too for some abstractions you could program one off into crow if they are needed. Mostly for converting between scales, note nums and frequencies.

The chord warp can do is interesting, could be cool to try to do some crow scripts for that kind of thing

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