Washington D.C. (Events, Groups, Workshops, etc.)

Hey all - hoping to start a thread here for posts about shows/workshops/groups/meetups happening in and around the DC area! There have been some posts about Rhizome and Modular on the Mall events in the past, but I figured it’d be nice to consolidate!

I’m not yet in the area but will be by early-ish 2023. Hoping to get some tips on what to check out in the experimental (music/art) scene and make some connections by the time I move up :slight_smile: Will definitely post when I arrive if folks are interested in meeting up!


Check out Baltimore’s scene, too. It’s close and vibrant, with a conservatory and an art school feeding the local scene, in addition to a bunch of lovely weirdos from elsewhere (of which I used to be one).

The Red Room Collective and its venue in Charles Village is one place to start. There’s a lot of overlap between scenes, so that will readily lead to other parts of the community.


Hey there! We have an active scene around the DMV with regular meetups and shows. I organize the DC Modular Collective and we (usually) meet the 4th Sunday of every month at Rhizome DC from Noon-4 pm. We have a discord channel and if you PM me, I’ll send an invite and you can also follow on Insta @dc_modular_collective and me @resonant_space

Sonic Frontiers–our DCMC spring and fall event with performances, workshops and video art at the Brentwood Arts Exchange.

Modular on the Mall - Monthly (more or less) performances at the DC War Memorial from spring to fall. @modularonthemall

Beeps, Boops and Beers - semi regular event at Aslin Brewing in Alexandria VA

Synth Picnic - we chill with battery powered synths and have breakfast - organized by @tangent_universes

Baltimore – shows at The Depot, Fadensonnen, True Vine and others.

Plus various one-off shows at Rhizome and elsewhere.