Wavetable #5, Edinburgh, Thu19 May 2022 19:30 – 22:00 BST

Wavetable returns for its 5th iteration!
This time featuring performances from:

  • Unperson
  • Izaak Hollander
  • Andrew Ostler


Tickets: Wavetable #5 Tickets, Thu 19 May 2022 at 19:30 | Eventbrite

Doors 7:30pm. Performances begin around 8pm.

Ally Skivington, a.k.a. The Unperson, is an experimental electronic musician based in Glasgow, Scotland. His first instrument was guitar, and his obsession with strange guitar pedals inevitably led him towards the mysterious world of modular synthesisers. With a passion for obscure noise, and a desire to be a mad scientist, The Unperson creates evolving soundscapes of noise, melody and rhythm.

His 2019 release, Cosmic Sermonettes, was recorded entirely on 4-track and is a melancholic exploration of sound and memories.

In 2020 he created a sci-fi concept album called Helios City which was a collaboration with some of Scotland’s most talented electronic musicians.

He can also be found on YouTube rambling about synth gear and making bleeps and bloops with various pieces of electronic equipment.


Izaak Hollander is a Glasgow-based musician, engineer, and DIY enthusiast. Primarily focused on ambient and experimental music inspired by Mort Garson, Boards of Canada, and game soundtracks, Izaak composes with fictional landscapes and gentle timbres in mind. He’s also big into DIY, building eurorack modules both from kits and original designs as Toadstool Tech. Originally from the US, Izaak is currently studying electronics in Glasgow and is the president of the Glasgow University Audio Electronic Society.


Andrew Ostler makes music with low woodwind (for this performance, bass clarinet) and modular synthesizers.




These events always look great. My in-laws live in North Berwick & we’re up visiting them that week. Annoyingly, we’re flying up to Edinburgh the following day! I hope you have a great show.


A quick reminder that we’re looking for other people to join our merry gang of adventurers in the land of experimental music. (In the true sense of “experiment”: outcome not known in advance.) Please get in touch if you want to try something out in front of the loveliest audience in Scotland.


All the sets now up on YouTube:


Really enjoying these sets.

I’m hoping to make the trek down from Aberdeen for one of these in the future, keep it up :+1:

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