Ways of Seeing

i went to art school but didn’t study art, so this was new to me (though the concepts not so much). highly recommend.

sound by delia derbyshire, if that helps get you in. four parts, 30 mins each. part 1 linked below.


Also in book form!

It’s a bit dated now, but still a nice introduction to the social history of art


Happily, I once visited John Berger at his home to record a bespoke multi-tracked binaural thing with Simon McBurney.
A pair of deeply interesting men playing with sound and stories…

It was a great day.

I fully recommend 'And our faces, my heart, brief as photos" - John Berger


It’s a wonderful book, even if the “book starting on the front” conceit seems a bit hampered by Penguin’s house style internally; one of the things I remember most strikingly from my Literature and Visual Culture paper. And yet: I cannot remember it well enough, so, probably due a reread.

Ways of Seeing changed forever how I experience imagery absolutely everywhere, without exceptions. It has almost been detrimental to my enjoyment of images in the media, including social network posts by commercial or political bodies. Eye-opening and empowering. I don’t think it needed a TV series. Ways of Seeing is a thin book; despite the crappy print the point gets across pretty clear. I enjoyed Berger’s recent “Portraits” too - surprising and unexpected in places.


Art School issues >>>http://photo-soup.org/wp2013/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/The-Work-of-Art-in-the-Age-of-Mechanical-Reproduction.pdf