Ways to EQ the system audio on a Mac (or any computer?)

I tap into audio sources from all over while I use my computer, a MacBook Pro. This got me thinking about how I would appreciate having a little more control over my system eq.

While I work, I often have a podcast going, then maybe later switch to music (audio files, streaming, are there other modes to consume audio on a computer?), then might have a conference call here and there.

I’ve hunted around a bit for different solutions. Ideally, something light weight, simple, like the built in Music App equalizer, but open source. I came a cross a few things, like eqMac (open source) and Airfoil (not open source).

Curious what others have to say or recommend here.

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Could you use Loopback to route audio I/O a DAW and EQ in there?

Maybe a combination of Blackhole and Element with an EQ plug-in of your choice?

SoundSource has been my solution for day-to-day app audio wrangling since 2019. I think it was on a slight sale at the time.

If you want per-app volume, eq, and output routing it’s worth a look. Lots in there I don’t use, too. It replaces the system volume menubar item and gets out of the way.

Edit to add: Paid software, not open source, worth it for my context.

I’ve done this using Soundflower and Pure Data. Set system preferences output and Pd input as Soundflower 2ch, Pd output to the Mac’s built-in output.

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