We Live In San Francisco Now

we flew in last Thursday (2/1) and “successfully” made it through a week. some key things still need to come together (permanent housing, a job for me), and we are still a little dizzy. I have this idea that I’m going to get my synth running “soon” but ha.

what’s up around here? what should I do for work? huh?


Well, you already found a decent taqueria, so I’d say you’re on the right track. I haven’t been to this can-cun, but the one off 19th and mission has excellent al pastor. Lots of good food to try, and I can give you those kinds of recommendations all day long.


Welcome to the city. Two doors down to the right from Taqueria Can-cún is a long-running experimental music series every Thursday night, usually two or three sets by different musicians. The place is called the Luggage Store Gallery and the series is the Luggage Store Gallery Music Series. Definitely worth checking out. (And hello from the Richmond District.)


@peanut - I guess I should have included the qualification that single income ≠ taqueria visits for now!

@disquiet - good to know (tho, like the taqueria issue above, our “going to the gig” budget is slim right now).

that was a totally random street shot from this weekend. we are actually in Mission Bay for the month (thank you Anne’s employer for the otherwise entirely unaffordable apartment!). it’s definitely like being in a JG Ballard novel.

We are looking strongly at Richmond and Sunset in general (Anne’s office is downtown and those are easy commutes and lovely neighborhoods) but are getting stymied by the math of “our budget + 2 bedrooms + cat = zero apartments.” we’ll see.

@rajaTheResidentAlien yay links! always happy to investigate things during nap time. we’ve got a good base of people out here already but who knows who we already know but didn’t know we knew (if you can follow that).

Indeed sends me a massive stack of opportunities a couple times a day. I haven’t actually included audio in my searches bc I haven’t down Real Professional Audio Work in a very, very long time. but hey, thanks for the reminder! I do have a degree in this stuff…

more soon, see you all around!

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@baleen One thing I should mention about the Luggage Store concerts is that they are sliding scale. I think you can pay as little as $5 to get in. In any case, best of luck with the home hunt.

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ooooo that’s good to know. i’d be not…not myself…to swear off attending concerts.

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If you’re legit broke this is a good resource for veggies and sometimes stuff like day-old bread, etc. It turned into a bit of a mob scene so get there early. TBH it used to feel like mostly folks who can well afford groceries line up, I think in part because sometimes they have pretty interesting stuff. They used to close for winter and the stock gets better with the season.

It’s mostly slightly bruised or use-soon-ripe… stuff the distros can’t move to stores but is still perfectly good. Also stuff from small gardens. Used to be lots of obscure greens.


the thing I miss most about living in SF ('10-'11) is the Alemany farmers market. can’t even imagine what rent is like there now - I could pay 4 mortgages on nice houses in Pittsburgh for the price of a tiny apt in Bernal Heights…


obviously you’ll need to go to barebottle and almanac brewing.

priorities, man.

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Another great concert listing resource: http://www.bayimproviser.com/

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oh bernal heights is well above our pay grade. we are coming from brooklyn where we had a 2bed/2bath at sub 2005 prices for the last twelve years so we came here with an understanding of getting hammered on rent. but if we have a dishwasher and laundry and like, not nyc, that ain’t bad.

but damn prices are crazy

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hey at least i don’t need anymore of those fancy eurorack modules


@baleen recently I have gotten quite a few interviews through linkedin and hired.com, but that is for tech work; not sure what you do.

If you find some scratch while in Mission Bay, Spark Social has some decent food trucks/beer/coffee… tasty but not that cheap – http://sparksocialsf.com/

Real estate speculation here is a cluster-f inside a dumpster fire wrapped in a hot mess, no fixes in sight. Richmond/Sunset will take some of the pressure off – welcome aboard!

I recently moved from the Excelsior and I sorely miss the Alemany farmers market. It was a Saturday tradition.

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okay we are almost totally settled. one more delivery from IKEA and we should have eliminated the random stacks of clothing.

this morning’s view from the bedroom.