WebMonome: communicate with devices beyond a translator

the other day i had the thought that it might be nice to make monome webapps that required zero installation/config—just visit a url in your browser and plug in your device. with this idea in mind, i started writing a little javascript library, webmonome, that leverages the WebUSB API.

maybe this is a terrible idea, and its likely a terrible implementation of the idea, but its been fun thus far. i’ll try to get a demo of it up this weekend. any thoughts/advice/PRs are definitely welcome!



i would assume you still need to install an FTDI driver? (sorry, i didn’t dig deep into the webusb implementation)

ah yeah :see_no_evil:. i have only tested on a mac thus far (which has an ftdi driver by default if i recall correctly). this might be avoidable though if i switch to using the upcoming WebSerial api… i think?

actually the major problem is apple is very bad about its FTDI support. they dropped the builtin driver in catalina, and left some impossibly difficult debug situations with driver conflicts with the OEM FTDI driver.

i would further assume that webserial needs FTDI drivers

oh interesting. yet another reason not to board the catalina ship.

my experience with systems level things is effectively zero. sorry for missing some of the important details here

oh no worries at all— most mac users are able to get the FTDI working (with some copious help from @dan_derks and myself) :slight_smile:

many catalina users didn’t experience any hiccup whatsoever

so… i did a little bit more reading. it sounds to me like its crucial that the device is not claimed by any os/kernel level driver, but left open and that there is some kind of driver on the chrome/blink side of things? is that your impression of whats being said in this article? i could very well just have it very very wrong

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oh wow, that is totally something else then! (what i was hoping for originally)

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I’ve been mostly useless this year, but managed to add a bit more to this library and slap together a quick gol demo: